Monday 21 July 2014

Soft Dog Harness by Tiara Pet

It turns out Minnie is a bit of an escape artist when it comes to doggie harnesses.
When Minnie came to us she had been walked on a collar and lead, something I wasn’t used to doing. We naturally decided to put her in one of Elmo’s spare harnesses but quickly discovered her knack of slipping out of it!

Off to Petz Crazee we went to seek the help of Sara (the owner of Petz Crazee). She assisted  me with my Minnie harness problem and found the perfect one for her.

As you can see this soft harness by Tiara Pet doesn’t have a mid-strap that runs between the neck and chest straps. It has double sided velcro that fastens around the neck and chest, plus there is room for growth. This one is a pretty red check print with a little white ruffle detail on the back. As with all harnesses the D-ring attachment for the lead is on the top and there is plenty of room for your dogs ID tag or Microchip tag. This harness even comes with a lovely matching lead!

Minnie loves it and I do too; after nearly 6 years of male dog items, it’s nice to have a little female to buy bits for ;)

I’ll be back soon xx

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  1. For a tiny dog like this I think it's very important to have a 'friendly' harness like this instead of a leash or chain. They're so fragile.


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