Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Message 2014

This will be my last post until after the New Year as I am taking some much needed time off to be with my family. 
I would like to thank you all for your support through 2014. I've loved reading your comments and receiving feedback from you when I have tried something new on my website. 
I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year brings. 
Have a fabulous Christmas and smashing New Year.........See you in 2015
Stay Beautiful inside and out xxx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Batiste Care & Vitality - Review

*PR Sample
This is the latest from the growing range of Batiste Dry Shampoos to hit the market.
Care & Vitality is perfect for the winter season, a time when hair needs a little more TLC. This particular one is amazing - and let me tell you why.
First things first. Batiste Care & Vitality is said to be a ‘genius 2 in 1 formula’. It contains Mandarin Oil Extract and Amino Acids which help hair to feel refreshed; as well as fuller, stronger, and healthier looking. It also gives the hair a smoother and shinier finish, which I would say is a first for dry shampoo.
The fragrance is also amazing! Care & Vitality is a floral combination of White Blossom, Lychee Peony, Lily, Amber, and Freesia; plus a touch of Cedarwood and Musk. Yes it’s a long list of flowers, but combine them all and it becomes truly delightful.

Tried & Tested
I found Care & Vitality to be one of the best I’ve used so far. It really does what it says on the can AND there is no trace white residue (not a hint). I loved the way this made my hair feel, it’s the same fresh feeling I get when I first wash and blowdry my hair. As I said earlier the fragrance is heavy on the florals, however this isn’t a strong scent. I was pleasantly surprised at how light and soft the smell was, not at all like I’d expected from the brief. I can safely say I will be buying the Batiste Care & Vitality from now on, and would recommend it as a must have hair product.

£3.99 200ml
For stockists see


Friday, 12 December 2014

The Library of Fragrance - Christmas Limited Edition

*Press Release
Those of you who read my 'The Library of Fragrance' review will know all about this fabulous company. I for one love my 'Baby Powder' scent and have worn it every day! I'm pleased to be able to tell you about the new Limited Edition Christmas scents. These are such good value at £9.99 (normally retailing at £15). Sadly you can't buy these in store, but they are available at I'm sure most of you have orders to place so why not treat yourself and add one of these to your shopping basket ;-) 

So here are the press details - 

Egg Nog
For a long time we strived to make the perfect Egg Nog fragrance, which would live up to our exacting standards. It provided the splendid excuse to enjoy rather a lot of egg nog in the process – all in the name of research, of course. The result is our Egg Nog Cologne; delightfully festive, this creamy, spicy scent blends sugar and cream with just a dash of bourbon, a hint of vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a good dusting of nutmeg. Utterly irresistible and unisex, it’s the perfect festive fragrance. In short, wear this and you can do away with the mistletoe.  
A festive staple, this vibrant winter berry bestows us with its magic in cocktails, cakes, pies, puddings and compotes. Our Cranberry Cologne is perfect for fruity fragrance lovers and captures the refreshingly sharp, but juicy and sweet, red berry scent of the season.

Christmas in New York
If you’ve ever been to New York at Christmas you’ll know that this is a special time in a special place – with a unique scent all of its own. Transport yourself there with this Cologne that blends the scents of rich and festive spices, sweet apples and the comforting aroma of warm, roasting chestnuts, to perfectly capture this moment in time.

Christmas Bouquet
Our Christmas Bouquet Cologne ‘bottles’ a colourful swirl of festive flowers, winter berries and cinnamon bark.  Rich and spicy carnation absolute sits at the decadent heart of this fragrance to create a creamy, yet slightly peppery, and infinitely elegant floral scent.  

Merry Christmas xx

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Makeup Colours for Blue Eyes

I've had great fun going through my old college textbooks recently. It's been an eye opener (pardon the pun) and has inspired me to do something a little different on my blog. Today I'd like to share with you some tips for us 'blue eyed' girls. Here are the eyeshadow colours that compliment us and will help make our eyes appear clearer and more sparkly.

The colour families that are best suited to blues eyes are - 

* Orange / Copper / Rust / Bronze

* Grey / Purple / Cobalt Blue

*Smokey Pinks / Warm Browns

Also try using Turquoise eyeliners and Blue Mascaras.

If you have Blue-green eyes you can also use Pale Yellows, Golden Tones and Pinky Golds.

I hope you found this helpful and I'll be back with more tips soon

Friday, 5 December 2014

ChinaGlaze 'Twinkle Collection' 2014

OK so normally you see lots of reds and golds from Christmas nail polish collections, but these from China Glaze are a little different.
The two polishes I have to show you today are from the 'Twinkle Collection'. The base colour is called 'December to Remember' which is a duochrome shimmer. It shifts from being a blue/purple to seeing greens and pinks. It's a stunning colour although the formula is a little on the watery side. I found three carefully applied coats gave a nice opaque finish. 
On top of this I've applied 'Chillin' with my Snow-mies' as an accent. I'm not sure you'd call it a glitter polish as the hex shapes are matte, I think I'd refer to it as a confetti polish. The confetti in this polish comes in three sizes, so you get a nice look with this polish. The only downside is I found it quite hard to fish out the confetti so it took a bit of time to get my nails looking how I wanted them. As with all China Glaze polishes I've tried these both lasted very well and didn't require top coat to make them look super shiny. 
Happy Polishing xx


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Library of Fragrance - Baby Powder

Today’s review is up there as one of the most enjoyable this year. I was contacted by Clare from Library of Fragrance some months ago; she was conducting questionnaires aimed at people in the blogging community, and these questions were based around the different scents we liked - from the smell of freshly cut grass to pipe tobacco. We all submitted our feedback, and when the huge list of 28 fragrances were launched, we were asked to select the top 3 scents we’d like to try. Fast forward to November and an email came through to say my name had been picked, and Baby Powder was on its way to me.

Baby Powder can only be described one way - simply devine! If you love that clean, fresh, new baby smell (without the dirty nappies obviously) this is for you. This fragrance is reminiscent of Johnson & Johnson baby talc which I love. I find it does have a slightly sweet hint to it which may not be appealing to everyone, however it isn’t overpowering. You can certainly wear this everyday, and I have been for over a week now, which has resulted in lots of compliments and questions about it. One of the teachers at Little Miss’ school even went online and bought some for herself, after quizzing me about it days earlier.

The Library of Fragrance has a massive 28 fragrances to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you adore as much as I adore Baby Powder. The bottles have a clean simple design (glass with long silver lid), and contain 30ml of fragrance, which seems very reasonable for the £15 price tag.

I’m totally in love with this cologne spray and what’s more it can be layered with other scents from the range - yes you’re reading this correctly. You can read about how to layer the Library of Fragrances scents here.

So if you fancy smelling like Dirt, or perhaps you prefer to smell of Sweet Pea, then all I can say is go and check out the Library of Fragrance online (or pop into your local Boots store).


Monday, 1 December 2014

Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion

Our little lady still suffers from dry patches on her legs; I think it’s maybe a mild form of eczema? We used Almond Oil as a body moisturiser when she was a baby, which worked well, however as she became a little older she wanted to help put her lotion on. As you can imagine a 3 year old and ‘oil’ doesn’t bode well so we now use cream moisturizer instead.

Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion is one of the best we’ve found to date. Weleda is a brand I became familiar with while living in Switzerland and I’m pleased I can buy it here in the UK too (I’ll pop the links below). I guess you’re asking yourself why do we love it so much?
Well lets start with the basics. Calendula Body Lotion contain 100% natural ingredients, 99% of those are organic. These are all carefully selected so the body lotion not only replenishes delicate baby skin, but also can be used to cleanse and nourish the skin.
I love the fact that this body lotion is very rich and creamy yet somehow it’s absorbed so quickly, with no greasy residue. This also contains two of my favourite ingredients for skin care products, Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax, both of which work well on dry and sensitive skin.
We use this after every bath and have found this does seem to be clearing the dry areas up nicely. I’m not saying it’s a cure, after all everyone's skin is different. What I will say is I can feel her skin is improving and I’m pretty sure it’s down to the Weleda Calendula Body Lotion.

Check out the Weleda website for more of the Calendula range and to find your nearest stockist (click here).

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Inglot Nail Enamel - 715

Here is this weeks ‘Nails of the Day’ featuring the Inglot Nail Enamel in the shade ‘715’. This as you can see is a beautiful matte polish. The pictures show the colour perfectly, I’d say this is best described as a putty-nude, as it has a slight cool undertone to it.
The nail enamel formula is wonderful to use, it’s super creamy and after applying two thin coats my nails were completely covered. I have to say this Inglot Nail Enamel doesn’t seem to have much of a ‘nail polish’ smell to it, making it very pleasant to use. I’m not sure if it’s just the matte polishes or if this is something you’d find with all the Inglot range. I only have this one polish from Inglot so I’d be interested to hear from others who use their nail enamel. Last but not least lets not forget to mention how well this polish lasts! Considering you don’t apply top coat, this polish lasted 3 days before it chipped (something that rarely happens with my nails).
Overall I’m very impressed with the Inglot Nail Enamel, and look forward to trying more in the future…...after all a girl can never have too many nail polishes!!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tantrum Childrens Shampoo & Conditioner

“Tantrum is a revolutionary new concept in children’s hairdressing designed to make the experience better for both child and parent.The Tantrum salon, situated on the exclusive Kings Road in London, is truly one of a kind and will make any visit a memorable experience. The salon is split over two floors, catering to younger and older children separately. The ground floor, called Moon, is for 7 year olds and under, while the exclusive basement, called Vogue, is for 8 year olds and over. Moon and Vogue are very different in terms of how they are designed but both are guaranteed to make you leave with a smile.”

I’d been looking into Tantrum online, so I was very pleased to find their hair care range in my local Asda Store. I chose ‘My Clever Coconut Shampoo’ and ‘My (Very) Kool Coconut Conditioner for Little Miss. Both of these products nourish the hair, leaving it feeling soft and looking shiny.
The shampoo was nice and concentrated so I didn’t need a lot to get a good lather. Our little lady has fine hair which is below her shoulders, so I’ve found it can be a little on the tangley side if I don’t use conditioner; something I’d never used on a regular basis as some I’d tried made her hair flyaway. This one is lovely though, its conditioning enough to detangle her hair, and yet mild enough to avoid the flyaway static look.
I also loved the coconut fragrance, it wasn’t overpowering, but you could still smell it on her hair the next day. One thing to note, which is a big bug-bear for me, is the bottle size (and I have no idea why companies do this!) The shampoo is a generous 300ml and the conditioner is just 200ml….why they don’t do even quantities I’ll never know!
As a final point, all Tantrum products are allergen free, contain no parabens and are NOT tested on animals.

Tantrum ‘My Clever Coconut Shampoo’ £3.00
Tantrum ‘My (Very) Kool Coconut Conditioner’ £3.00

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter Nails 2014

Lets have a look at my top 3 go-to nails polishes for this season. Winter is upon us, so I always feel it’s time to darker down the colours slightly. First up is the Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Espresso. I normally go for red shades during the winter so this is my trump card. In my opinion you can’t beat this black matte shade! Next up is Leighton Denny in Vamp, which is a deep wine shade. This has a fabulous high shine creme finish and covers very well. I normally wear this with two coats however you can add more depth by applying a third coat of colour. Finally is my trust OPI Nail Lacquer in 'Midnight In Moscow'. Again similar in colour to the Leighton Denny polish however this has the most glorious shimmer in, giving a very festive feeling to my nails.


Sunday, 9 November 2014

YouTube / 'Selfie Tag'

I've been tagged by Adam at Not Listening // Mashion and Meauty to complete the 'Selfie' Tag. This was great fun to do and I hope you enjoy my answers. I've listed the questions below for anyone wanting to join in.....

And here are the 10 questions -

1. Best physical feature 
2. Visit anywhere in the world where would it be? 
3. What do I need to make me feel better when sick? 
4. What piece advice would I give the youth of today? 
5. What animal were you in a past life? 
6. Travel back in time what could I change? 
7. What do I do for fun at weekends? 
8. What is your work place pet peeve? 
9. I wouldn't be caught dead without...... 

10. If you could have a super power what would it be?

You can find Adam at as well as all his social media links :) 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Eyes using 'Makeup Revolution Girls On Film'

Recently I wrote about the Makeup Revolution ‘Girls On Film’ palette. This eyeshadow palette is a fabulous mix of matte and shimmer highly pigmented colours. If you missed it you can read it here {link}. Today I wanted to share some of my eye makeup looks I’ve worn using the ‘Girls On Film’ palette.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner

Well well it’s been quite a while since I last wrote about hair care products. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner are ideal for dry damaged or (as Aussie say) ‘Unhappy’ hair. I purchased these for our holiday, so I opted for the 75ml travel size instead of the full size (to make my packing a little easier). The water is very hard in Zurich compared to our water at home (we have a softener), so I knew my hair would need a shampoo and conditioner that would provide that extra boost of moisture. The Aussie Miracle Moist range therefore was the perfect selection.
Firstly I just love the fragrance! Aussie Miracle Moist contains Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, giving it a very distinctive smell. Both shampoo and conditioner have a nice, thick consistency so you don’t need a lot of product. I found they worked well in making sure my locks stayed smooth and manageable during our time away, and since I only needed very little product per wash, the 75ml bottles were the perfect size for our holiday.
The only downside to using Aussie Miracle Moist is that my hair lost its volume. I had to use my root boost spray as well as volume mousse to blowdry and style my hair. It’s a small price to pay though for tangle-free hair while away from home.

Back soon with more hair care products xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

As the title of today's post suggests I'd like to wish you all a Happy Halloween. 
I wouldn't normally commemorate this calendar event. However I found one of the picture editors I use now has options for the 'seasonal celebrations' - Halloween, Valentines, Christmas to name a few. So, I decided to give it a whirl and have a go at editing one of my old photos into a zombie style are the results.

If you're out celebrating this evening at a party or Trick-or-Treating with your children, have fun and stay safe xx

Monday, 27 October 2014

*Makeup Revolution 'Girls On Film' Palette

Sorry this is a touch photo heavy!

I’ve had the pleasure of trying the Makeup Revolution ‘Girls on Film’ palette* and I’m very impressed with it. First lets look at the packaging. This particular palette comes in an outer box, containing a sleek looking black palette with the name on the front. Inside is housed a large mirror, a double ended sponge applicator, along with 6 matte and 12 shimmer eyeshadows. This palette even comes with a plastic cover giving you the names of each colour, which will make life easy when using this for tutorials! Overall everything about this palette is well made and feels solid.

Now for the eyeshadows. I’ve been using these since they arrived at my door, and have to say I’m extremely impressed. First up I swatched each colour on the back of my hand as you can see in the image below. I should point out that these have been applied over the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Original Eye Primer (which I’ll tell you about another time), as I rarely use eye shadow without primer. The pigmentation of  ‘Girls On Film’ is marvelous; they all apply with ease, with very little fall-out, and when applied they all last 8 hours plus! The palette is a steal at £6. I’ve had great fun playing with this palette and will show you some of the eye makeup looks in a future post.
For now all that’s left to say is “Never judge a product by its price tag!”

*PR Sample

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Which Eye Cream?

This is a question that comes up time and time again. I asked my Facebook followers if there was a particular blog post they would be interested in; this very question popped up. I've not done many eye cream reviews so thought I'd consolidate the ones I have done into this post. If you want to read in depth about each eye product I'll provide them with links. So here are my top 3 eye products -

 My most recent eye product and current love. This cooling gel contains extracts of Green Tea (the clue is in the name!) as well as Witch Hazel. The combination means it reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, soothing and revitalizing tired eyes. I’ve been testing this over the past week and I can confirm it does indeed reduce puffiness. I’ve also found that it seems to brighten the eye area after application.

Dermalogica Total Care Eye Cream
This eye cream combines an illuminating tint and non-chemical sunblock.  You only need a very small amount and it leaves the skin around my eyes feeling silky smooth. I also no longer need to use my under-eye concealer,  as this eye cream has a tint and highlighter in it.  Result?...quick and easy all in one eye care which, given how long it can last, actually works out to be good value too.

Dr Organic Eye Rescue Rollerball
This helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles around the eye area, as well as making them look less tired. This also contains 20 essential minerals including Aloe Vera Leaf, Vitamin E & C, Spearmint Oil and Kelp Extract to name a few. Dr.Organic Rollerball has a very pleasant fragrance, obviously down to the minerals it contains. I think it smells slightly earthy with a hint of mint. This is also free from Parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives.

I hope you found this helpful xx

Friday, 24 October 2014

MAC Lipglass 'Luxuriate'

Would you believe me if I said this is only the 2nd MAC product I’ve ever owned? Well it is! Back in 2008 while preparing to get married I purchased my first MAC lipglass, and now in 2014 I stumbled across another lipglass I rather fancied trying.

My new MAC Lipglass is ‘Luxuriate’, which comes in MAC’s trademark matte black packaging (giving it a very stylish look). Inside the packaging you find a sleek lip gloss that has a black handle and transparent tube. Immediately the colour looks fabulous and it doesn’t disappoint on first application. The only way to best  describe this ‘lipglass’ is to say that it’s a peachy-pink sheer lip tint that has the most amazingly fine shimmer in.

It’s a rather versatile shade;  perfect for use during the day if you fancy a light shimmer on your lips, in the evening with a bold smoky eye, or even over the top of your favorite lipstick. I’m definitely in love with my new MAC Lipglass.

Have you tried this shade? What do you think of it??
Stay Beautiful x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 06

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush comes in these cute little glass pots that make them feel very expensive. I have the shade 06 which is called Berry (I had to search online for the name as the pots are only numbered).

Maybelline say: 'Soft, natural colour. This amazingly soft cream blush blends into skin to brighten your complexion adding a kiss of colour to cheeks, giving you a naturally flushed look. Cheeks have a soft hue of natural colour that lasts all day long!'

Believe me when I say this is super soft and very easy to use! Some mornings I don’t have too much time to apply my makeup, so I find this adds a nice bit of colour to my cheeks without the fuss of putting on powder blusher. I normally opt to applying this with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush; however you can use your fingers or a contour brush if you have prefer. I also found the colour lasted very well on my skin which can be slightly oily at times. This is something I have struggled with in the past with cream-style blush as they can often disappear and slide off the skin.

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 06 is perfect for any skin tone. If your medium or tanned then you simply build the colour up, if you’re fair then only apply a little to your cheeks.

I think this is a really great little product and definitely one to pop into your suitcase if you're off on your holidays!
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