Friday, 22 August 2014

Dove Summer Glow

If you are new to self tanning and don’t fancy covering yourself in ‘gravy’ (as my husband would say), then why not look at using a gradual tan product instead?

I’ve had my fair share of tanning mishaps. In my teens I used tanning wipes. These had no colour to them so you had no idea where you’d ‘wiped’, thus ending up looking stripy for days on end. In my early twenties I used a selection of hi-end self tanning products and again ended up with tell tale signs of my attempt at being bronzed…… hands and feet, patchy arms… was a terrible time!
Then in my late twenties I found a range of tanning products that saved me from the embarrassment of ‘failed tanning’ and I continue to use them today. However, if this isn’t your idea of tanning at home (or you don’t have the time to self tan), then gradual tanning will be perfect for you.

My all time favourite is by Dove. They do the Summer Glow range which consists of two moisturizing body lotions with a touch of self tan in them. You can either choose fair/medium or medium/dark. I buy fair/medium as this gives a light tan and looks perfect. In my experience, if I use this for 3 consecutive days, I’m left with a lovely sun-kissed glow (which you can build up into a deeper tan if you want). I also love how soft my skin feels after using my Dove Summer Glow, as it contains essential oils that nourish the skin. This product also doesn’t have that self tan ‘biscuit’ smell that I personally dislike. This smells just like a moisturiser; it has a fresh light fragrance which is very pleasing.
The one thing I would say is make sure you check the bottle before you get to the till. I once picked up the Summer Glow Shimmer, didn’t realise until I’d applied it all over my body, and ended up looking like Tinkerbell!!!!

That aside, in my opinion you can’t beat Dove Summer Glow. If you haven’t tried it give it a go and let me know what you think :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

INIKA Mineral Eyeshadow

This mineral eyeshadow by INIKA was part of my YouBeauty Advent Calendar - yup I’m still working through them!

INIKA Mineral Eyeshadows are rich in pigment so they provide vibrant and opulent colour that really does last all day. The purity of ingredients make them perfect for even the most sensitive eyes, which includes contact wearers. Also INIKA Mineral Eyeshadows are multi-purpose and can be used wet or dry as an eyeshadow or eyeliner.

I’ve been using ‘Gunmetal’ which is an intense molten silver colour. I’ve been applying this dry using a flat eyeshadow brush, on top of an eyeshadow primer to prevent any fall-out (I’m currently using MUA Eye Primer). When applied it has a tiny hint of purple shimmer which makes it look truly amazing, and draws lots of compliments.
When I’ve worn it I’ve simply applied two coats of mascara, and occasionally a little black eyeliner to intensify the look. I can certainly say that I’ll be adding more of these eyeshadows to my collection.

Available in 24 shades at £14.50 each

Friday, 15 August 2014

Garnier - The Silky Smoother

After the success I had with Garnier Ultimate Blends ‘The Marvellous Transformer’ {LINK} I decided to give another of the collection a whirl.

Today I’m going to tell you about ‘The Silky Smoother’. This particular one is aimed at people with ‘mid to long’ hair; my hair currently would be more ‘mid’ so I didn’t see anything wrong with road testing this :-)

The Silky Smoother’ is a creamy blend of Madagascan Vanilla Milk and Brazilian Papaya extract, which gives this shampoo and conditioner collection its very distinct fragrance. The smell is beautiful, it’s light and fragrant yet not overpowering.

On my hair, which is mid-length and coloured, it worked very well. My hair felt softer right after the first wash, and this effect continued to improve with time. However, if (like me) you prefer to have lots of volume to your hair, then I suspect this product will not be to your liking. I did lose a lot of my natural volume which was a slight disappointment. That aside it is a great collection again by Garnier and well worth trying out.

Have you tried any of the Ultimate Blends?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Monday, 11 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014

TIGI Bedhead Sugar Spray

Since having my hair cut short in the New Year, I’ve been testing out all manner of texturizing & volumizing products. My current favourite is the TIGI Bedhead ‘Sugar Spray’ which I picked up from my local hair and beauty wholesalers not so long ago.

The TIGI Bedhead ‘Sugar Spray’ is marketed as being a ‘Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray’. Its pump action nozzle makes it very easy to apply to the root area of your hair, meaning less fuss when styling!

I have used this on dry hair as a finishing product. When it’s first applied it does leave the hair slightly damp, however it dries quickly and did leave my hair looking fuller and more textured. The textured matte finish is similar to the effect produced by having a salt spray.
When I’ve used this on wet hair I’ve applied it to the root area, then blow dried using a large round brush, and wow does my hair end up ‘big’. For the purpose of review testing, I didn’t apply any hair spray so that I could see just how well the volume would last. I can confirm it lasted all day and even into the next!!

The TIGI Bedhead ‘Sugar Spray’ has a wonderful sweet strawberry fragrance when applying to your hair.  The smell doesn’t last too long though, so if you’re not too keen on that sort of fragrance have no fear, it does fade down. It also didn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or tacky like I had expected, infact my hair felt rather soft.

Have your tried TIGI Bedhead ‘Sugar Spray’? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014

Swiss National Day 2014

I'd like to wish all of my Swiss and Expat friends living in Switzerland a very happy Swiss National Day
Enjoy the festivities and we're looking forward to seeing you all very soon x
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