Tuesday, 30 June 2015

NEW Batiste Dry Shampoo by Ella Henderson*

"Batiste is proud to announce the launch of the new Ella Henderson Batiste variant. Feel revitalized with a spritz of celebrity style as soulful, international, double-platinum award winning Ella partners with the UK's No1 dry shampoo brand to celebrate this years ultimate hair care essential.
You never know where the day may take you but with Batiste on hand you know you'll always be ready for anything. Every Batiste Girl has the power to face the day with confidence and style. Whether you're in need of an 'on the go fix' or long for red carpet glam style, Batiste will help you create gorgeous hair in an instant so that you always look and feel your best."

The Ella Henderson 'Sweet & Seductive' fragrance is a mix of coconut, sandalwood, cedarwood and musk, making it an aromatic blend of warming summer scents mixed with exotic fruity tones for a refreshing, vibrant fragrance. Perfect for long Summer days and nights! 

"Ella's Top Tip: Spray through mid-lenghts and ends, then brush out for an instant texture boost."

*This post contains PR Samples and Press Information


Monday, 29 June 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015

Essence Colour & Go - 109 Off to Miami!

O-M-G I just love love love this colour!

Essence is available in the UK although I'm not sure where my closest stockist is, so I tend to buy Essence while I'm in Zurich. I purchased this particular polish the end of March and I think it's perfect for Spring/Summer. Off to Miami is a coral creme finish polish, which isn't quite neon but is very bright. It's super high shine so if you're in a rush you'd get away skipping topcoat. I found this colour to be fabulous to apply. The brush is shaped to make application nice and easy, it also holds the perfect amount of product. Off to Miami give a good colour in just one application, although two I found two made my nails look flawless!


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Monday, 22 June 2015

Half Braid Ponytail

As I'm sure will have no by now if you follow me on social media I am planning to have my hair cut into a long bob (or lob as it's also known). Before having my drastic cut I took some photos of styles I'd had drafted out for my blog. 
Today's look is a Dutch braid into a ponytail. I simply braided my hair towards my crown. When I was happy with the distance of my braiding I grabbed the rest of my hair and secured in a clear elastic. To hide the elastic I wrapped a small piece of hair around it and secured with a kirby grip. 
I think it makes a nice change from braiding my hair on the side then putting it into a ponytail. This look can also create lots of volume on the top if you like big hair. I hope you like it and I'll be back soon with more looks I photographed prior to my haircut!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Catrice Cosmetics Dolls Collection Nail Lacquer

So to start todays 'nails' post I'm going to hold my hands up and say "yes I'm very late publishing this nail polish. Spring has well and truly sprung, infact we are nearer to Summer now! However I just HAD to show you this fabulous polish by Catrice"

Those of you who were lucky enough to pick up the Catrice Spring 2015 Limited Edition 'Dolls Collection' polishes will understand how happy this colour makes me feel! This colour is called 'Playing in Lavender Heaven' and its so pretty! 
First lets talk packaging; I've always loved the tubular shape packaging, it is very sleek looking in my opinion. Catrice have jazzed up the lids for this collection and they have a retro 60's feel to them with the black and white pattern. 
The brush is a good size and shape for easy application. I found my nails needed to sweeps and the nail plate was coated. The formula is also very good. One coat of polish left my nails with a sheer lavender shade, slightly silvery in some light. Applying another coat deepened the colour and you could really see the lilac-lavender pop. This also has a slight shimmer, which again looks gorgeous as the light picks it up. 
I think this colour is amazing and it's been worn alot this Spring and I'm sure I'll be wearing it through the Summer too.
Back soon xx


Monday, 15 June 2015

Messy Bow Bun

This is the first time I've attempted this style so please be gentle. I have seen so many pictures of this look on Pinterest I decided to have a go. This particular day I  had about half an hour before needing to do the school run so this isn't the neatest 'Bow' in the world - hence the title ;)
I quite like the look and idea behind this style however it didn't last very long in my hair. I found after an hour or so it had started to drop. Possibly because I'd done this quite quickly? Maybe my hair was too clean? Or maybe I should have used a stronger hairspray to hold it in place? Who knows!
Either way it looks very cute. 
Have you tried the 'Bow' if so how did you get on with this style??


Friday, 12 June 2015

Etoile Wedding Polish - Navette

This weeks nail polish is one I have had for some time now. Infact I wrote about this collection I was sent back in 2013! Here is the link if you fancy revisiting the original post - Link.

Etoile is a New York based company who makes the most amazing nail polish. I say amazing as they all contain genuine Diamond dust, so these polishes really do sparkle and shimmer! Since writing my original post, Etoile has not only kept the 'Bridal' range going, but they now stock a 'Living Social' range of colours which are far more colourful and energetic then the Bridal range. 
Today thought I wanted to revisit Navette, I have a few Bridal parties on my books this Summer which reminded me of these colours! Navette is a warm based peach tone colour packed with that gorgeous Diamond dust. I have applied two coats of colour although if you want it to look sheer simply apply just  the one coat. The brush for me a maybe a little on the thin side, however the polish does apply evenly. Finish with topcoat for longevity and high shine.
I'll be back next week to show you another of the Etoile polishes I have tucked away......

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Friday, 5 June 2015

OPI 'A Grape Fit!' - French Manicure

I love this look. It's a great alternative to the traditional french manicure (peach base with white tips). For this look I've simply used my OPI Start to Finish as a base coat on my nails. Then selected the 'tip' colour, I opted for OPI 'A Grape Fit!'. This I've applied diagonally to create a point; as you can see in my pictures. Once dry, I applied the OPI Start to Finish to prolong the wear of my polish and give a lovely shiny finish. 
What colour are you wearing on your nails today?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

MayBeauty - The Incredible Face Mask

You might remember last year I told you about Maylash Natural Eyelash Serum that helped lashes grow longer and thicker. I had the pleasure of testing out this product and the results were great. This year I was contacted by the same company and asked if I'd like to try out the MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask. I love face masks so I jumped at the chance. This face mask is amazing and I'm not just saying that because it was sent to me!

In my pack I received 5 pouches of Incredible Face Mask, an Application Brush and a Skin Guide (£37 with free shipping). The Incredible Face Mask helps clear blackheads, dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It also helps to prevent acne, which you would obviously see over time rather than instantly. This face mask is a wonderful consistency, I've tried some in the past which are so runny they slip off your face and onto your clothes - yuk! This one is nice and thick so it stays exactly where you put it. The smell is very pleasant, fresh and clean; which again is something that draws me to a product like this. Incredible Face Mask is suitable for both men and women (of course men should avoid putting this on hairy areas of their faces) and it is completely safe for pregnant women who may be suffering with strange pregnancy spotty/acne skin during this time.

The Incredible Face Mask is a peel off mask. Application is very easy as this mask is quite thick in consistency.You apply it over clean dry skin using the application brush provided, I squeezed the mask into a clean bowl which was alot easier then trying to squeeze the mask directly into the application brush. Make sure to avoid your hairline, eyebrows and the delicate eye area. Leave on for 30-45 minutes, around the 30 minute mark the mask will have started to lift slightly if you're unable to sit quietly during this time! Then the fun bit, simply peel off - carefully! It really surprised me how good my skin felt after just one application, by the third week my skin felt a-maz-ing! Seriously!!!

I had recorded a video of the application and my first impressions but I had a moment and still can't believe I managed to delete it! Below is the photo I posted on Instagram after my first application. Good look don't you think!

I have a little discount code for my lovely readers are entitled to a massive 30% off by using the code - kiziwoofacemask30

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