Friday, 3 July 2015

China Glaze 'Turned Up Turquoise'

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This weeks nail polish is a little different to what I'd normally go for. I was feeling adventurous so opted for this fabulous turquoise shade. China Glaze 'Turned Up Turquoise' is a matte finish polish that dries very quickly. I've applied two coats of China Glaze over a base coat to protect my nails from discolouration. The polish itself covers nicely and is a good consistency, not too thick nor too runny. The only downside for me is the brush. It's very thin so I find I have to be so careful when using this polish. 
To add a little extra to this weeks nails, I've used some nail art gems on my index finger. I've used the green coloured gems to compliment the turquoise polish. I think they look rather good :-)
You can also add topcoat if you want, this will give the polish a shiny finish and help it last longer.

Quick & Easy Glitter Nail Art

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Back in April I showed you the Essie 'A Cut Above' nail polish (link).
This is a pale pink glitter polish that works really well as a topcoat. Here I've worn it over OPI Funny Bunny, which is the Gel Color UV Polish (hence the little growth I have at the cuticle). I've painted it on the diagonal rather than completely covering the base colour for a change. What do you think?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

BarkBeats Box - June

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It's that time of the month again..........Elmo's Barkbeats Box has arrived and we are yet again excited to open it! June's box contained the best squeaky toy to date, as well as 'dog Ice Cream' and a big box of biscuits that would be a sure winner with Elmo. 
So lets get started......

The Original Silly Bums Soft Toy
Labelled as 'Nuthin' Butt Fun for your Dog!'. 
They are a soft plush toy made from realistic looking fur, with a crinkle sound inside and squeaker. Our one is the Safari Baboon 'bum'. I have to say it's funny looking and is a talking point when Elmo comes charging into the room with it in front of guests! Elmo loves this as much as his previous Barkbeats toys, he maybe nearly 7 years old but he's a puppy when it comes to new toys. Honestly he could pull this from the box quick enough!

Barks & Sparks Ice Cream
I am so impressed with the Barks & Sparks products, so far we've not had one Elmo didn't like. The Ice Cream comes in a powder form. You make it by mixing it in a bowl warm water or natural yogurt until it is a smooth consistency. Pour it into the tub and pop it into the freezer. Once it is set remove from the freezer and let you dog enjoy the cool refreshing flavour. Oh we have the Coconut one which smells amazing!!!

DIBAQ Crazy Biscuits
Biscuits are always a winner in these boxes! I haven't had to buy Elmo any treats since subscribing to Barkbeats! Crazy Biscuits are roughly the size of a 50pence piece. They are made from cereals and eggs, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. I also found by reading the box they are low in gluten and sugar. Obviously not recommended if you dog has an egg or gluten allergy. Elmo doesn't suffer with any allergies so these are ideal for him as treats. The smell also reminds me of Rich Tea biscuits - just thought I'd mention that :D

HERRMANNS Organic Food
The blurb on the flyer says this is a 'Succulent and bio wet food made only from organic ingredients: goose meat (50%), sweet potato and zucchini"
Elmo is yet to try this so I'll update you on what he thinks at a later date. I have to be careful with wet food as some do upset his tummy. Having said this, this one is organic and has a high percentage of meat in so he might be ok?

GOOD BOY Gnaw-a-Bone
This is our fail point in this months box as sadly this is too big for Elmo to chew on. It does sound really interesting though! The Gnaw-a-Bone is made from super tough non-toxic materials that satisfies powerful chewers, alleviates boredom and helps discourage destructive chewing behaviour. This will be one to pass on to Elmo's friend Bella the Staffie.

If you're interested in trying out Barkbeats or you know someone who would like to receive a box you can receive 10% off your first box by using my friends discount code

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Festival Style Hair

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The Festival Season is in full swing now so I thought I'd do a little 'Festival Inspired' hairstyle. This is quite a simple hairstyle to recreate. I started by curling my hair with my Ghd's to give my hair some body. Now the fun part! Part your hair on one side and start twisting, adding a little hair as you work your way around your head. Once you've reached the alternate side, secure in a hair band. I wrapped a little of my hair around the band to cover it and kept it in place with a kirby grip. For a finishing touch add flowers. Mine are old ones from H&M, but they do the job :-)

Makeup Details will be coming up in another post soon.......

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

NEW Batiste Dry Shampoo by Ella Henderson*

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"Batiste is proud to announce the launch of the new Ella Henderson Batiste variant. Feel revitalized with a spritz of celebrity style as soulful, international, double-platinum award winning Ella partners with the UK's No1 dry shampoo brand to celebrate this years ultimate hair care essential.
You never know where the day may take you but with Batiste on hand you know you'll always be ready for anything. Every Batiste Girl has the power to face the day with confidence and style. Whether you're in need of an 'on the go fix' or long for red carpet glam style, Batiste will help you create gorgeous hair in an instant so that you always look and feel your best."

The Ella Henderson 'Sweet & Seductive' fragrance is a mix of coconut, sandalwood, cedarwood and musk, making it an aromatic blend of warming summer scents mixed with exotic fruity tones for a refreshing, vibrant fragrance. Perfect for long Summer days and nights! 

"Ella's Top Tip: Spray through mid-lenghts and ends, then brush out for an instant texture boost."

*This post contains PR Samples and Press Information

Monday, 29 June 2015

This is Me!

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As I sat at my desk writing up another beauty post for Kiziwoo a strange thought suddenly dawned on me ‘what if we didn’t wear makeup?’ which was quickly followed by ‘why do we spend hours upon hours of our lives applying makeup?’

All my working life I’ve been immersed in the beauty industry, I’m a hairdresser and nail technician. I couldn’t tell you (until recently) the last time I didn’t spend  20 minutes in the morning putting on makeup!
Now I’m not saying I don’t like makeup because I LOVE IT! I really enjoy the whole process of applying my makeup and how it makes me feel. What I’m saying is we see so many ‘perfect’ images in the press and online of what we should look like; we forget that these images originally all had flaws. Sadly these days every image that we see has been photoshopped or tweaked to look ‘perfect’. To help sell the ‘perfect image’. I know through doing my beauty blog there is a pressure to make sure you look flawless. Yet sadly I am also guilty of using editing programmes to make my photos looks their very best, which I means I’m adding to the ‘perfect’ images we see!  

So at the timing of writing this the date is Thursday 25th June and I have been makeup free for 6 days. When I say ‘makeup free’ I have still put mascara on but I’ve not applied an ounce of foundation, concealer, blush, contour……….not a thing!! Before you ask, yes I am still doing the school run, I’ve been to the supermarket, I’m still working as normal. I’ve even been to the farm with 14 family members to celebrate my nieces 2nd birthday! ALL WITHOUT MAKEUP ON!

I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from spots, however they seem to have cleared up a touch. I have noticed the odd pimple but nothing major. When I look in the mirror I still see scarring from old spots, thread veins, freckles, darkness under my eyes, enlarged pores, fine lines….honestly my list can go on and on and on! This is why I have posted these photos, to show my skin in its natural form. No clever photography, no filters and no fancy lighting. This is me, sat in front of my window with a Nikon D5200 and a 18-55mm lens; nothing more nothing less.

You're probably thinking what on earth is the point to this post? 
My point is after going makeup free for nearly a week my skin feels fresh, looks brighter and more radiant; and I’m feeling great about it. Yes, I will put makeup on at some point but for now I’m embracing the natural me. For the first time ever I feel happy in my slightly uneven toned, fine lined 33 year old skin. Even my husband has commented on my skin and said "you really don't need to put all the stuff on your face!" and do you know what I believe he's right (but just don't tell him i said that, I'll never hear the end of it!)

So now I’d like to challenge you all to go makeup free, just for a day or maybe even a week if you can manage it. Enjoy the way your skin feels, marvel in the positive comments you receive and don’t forget to tag me #NakedSkinKiziwoo

Embrace your natural beauty xx