Friday, 31 July 2015

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics

 I think it's safe to say I am truly late for the Urban Decay Party! Over the years I've seen them bring out new palettes with delightful colour combinations, and although I know they have a massive following among beauty bloggers and makeup artists I've just never taken the plunge......until now! 

While checking out the Beauty Bay website I spotted the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics. This palette is the cooler toned version of the original Naked Basics Palette, so it's right up my street. The colour combination in the palette in my opinion is perfect; you get 6 neutral shades in taupes, pink, brown and greys - 5 of these are exclusive only to this palette! You may have noticed on my pictures that of the 6 colours only one is a satin finish. This is the lightest shade called Skimp, you could use this to highlight the brow bone and tear duct area. The rest of the colours as I said are a matte finish, which to touch feel smooth and silky.  

Here's a little rundown of the colours included - 
* Skimp - Pale Nude Satin
* Stark - Nude Pink Matte 
* Frisk - Warm Grey Matte
* Cover - Cool Mink Matte
* Primal - Muted Brown Matte
* Undone - Deep Smoky Brown Matte

My pigmentation expectations are always high when it comes to matte colours. I find if the pigmentation is lacking they can be hard to build up and on older skin look a little chalky. This however is not a problem with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics, the colour payoff is fabulous so you can wear a simply wash of colour over the lid or go for a more 'put together' eye look. 

I'm sure everyone will be with me when I say "you always reach for one colour more than others in eye shadow palettes". Well I've found I reach for the colour Frisk the most. For me it's a good colour to apply in the socket when I need to get ready quickly in the mornings. Using this along with a coat of mascara makes my eyes look wide awake and ready to face the world. When I have a little more time, this palette has all the colours I need to create great makeup for day or evening wear.

And lets not forget the packaging. I wasn't sure how big the 'Basics' palettes were as I hadn't seen them in the flesh (unlike the the Naked Palettes). I have to admit I was surprised at how small it was! So for anyone else like me the palette is slightly smaller than an iPhone 4S or 3/4 inch bigger then a bank card. That aside, the actual packaging is really good quality. It has a rubbery feel to it with raised words, which I think is a nice touch. The only downside to the Naked Basics Palettes is they don't come with is the Urban Decay makeup brush. I know they aimed to make this handbag size but if it had been a little bigger they could have fitted in a makeup brush like the other Urban Decay palettes. 

Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette
I'd love to know what your thoughts are :) x


Thursday, 30 July 2015

ZEO Low Calorie Drink & 'Run Or Dye'

This year Zeo has teamed up with the UK's most colourful 5k charity run 'Run or Dye'


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dental Hygiene for Children

My husband text me a link last week that he had seen on the BBC News* website. The article comes after The Royal College of Surgeons recommends that parents should brush their children's teeth until the age of 14 years old. This is due to the high levels of tooth decay in children, leading to the premature removal of baby teeth. 


Monday, 27 July 2015

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

ARTDECO – Celebration Iconic Collection

Press Release -
To celebrate their 30th birthday ARTDECO have created the ARTDECO Celebration Iconic Collection, championing ten hero products within the diverse, professional and extensive ARTDECO portfolio. Furthermore, in celebration of this iconic brand milestone, ARTDECO have set a 30% discount on these Limited Edition Hero best-sellers.

If you are not familiar with the ARTDECO brand it was created in 1985 and is Germany’s No.1 makeup brand. ARTDECO is still fairly new to the UK but is already proving to be popular with make-up artists and celebrities. The professional ARTDECO make up range includes creamy lipsticks and lip glosses, elegant eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras, foundations, concealers and camouflages as well as brilliant glossy nail polishes. I was lucky enough to have discover the ARTDECO brand whilst living in Switzerland and am very happy it is now available in the UK. You can find them online at and as well as selected Debenham stores, Parmachies and Beauty Salons.
Have you tried ARTDECO? If so which are your favourite products from the range? xx


Monday, 20 July 2015

Essence Colour & Go - Be Berry Now!

I think it's fairly obvious I'm a sucker for a gorgeous colour nail polish!
Now today's colour, part of the Essence Colour & Go range can only be described as a raspberry red. Be Berry Now! is gorgeous and has the most amazing shine I think I've ever seen in Essence polishes!
Here I've applied two coats of colour over a base polish and for the purpose of the photos I've skipped topcoat. I did later apply topcoat as I wanted to make sure this colour lasted well, which it did.
What do you think of this shade by Essence?
Be back soon xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hair - How to Fake a Bob

As a hairdresser by trade I just love playing HAIR. Today I thought I'd show you how to create a 'fake' bob without having to have your hair cut off. It's quick and simple so I've recorded a little video which you'll find below -

I hope you found this interesting and I'll be back soon xx


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Treaclemoon & BulliesOut

Today’s post is half press release and half review. It’s not something I’ve done before but I felt the course was worthy of a mention so here goes…….

Monday, 13 July 2015

Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder

Today I’d like to show you a recent Nars Cosmetics purchase. I bought the Light Reflecting Setting Powder on my way through Heathrow Terminal 5 in March. I had gone after another couple of items which were sadly out of stock, however I have since bought them.
Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder enhances the look of your foundation and prolongs the wear of your base. This is translucent so won’t alter the colour of your foundation or concealer. I’m in love with this and don’t know how I lived without it! It’s specially formulated to diffuse fine lines, wrinkles and pores while making your skin look luminous and smooth. The powder is also packed with glycerin and antioxidant vitamin E to help guard against dryness and to keep skin comfortable all day.
I’ve been using the Nars Light Reflecting Powder primarily under my eye area to prevent my concealer from creasing and over any blemishes I’ve concealed. On good skin days I have applied it directly onto my bare skin and just touched up the areas that need it - I don’t wear foundation everyday and I find this is perfect for those days. For my oily-combination skin it worked well in preventing shine throughout the day too :)
The packaging is very slick, matte black compact with white Nars lettering. You’ll also notice in my pictures you get a cute little pouch to store the compact in as well as a sponge applicator (which I’ve not used, I prefer to use a small powder brush). I also found the formula to be incredibly silky and smooth to the touch, not powdery at all. There is no fall out or chalkiness which I was pleasantly surprised about.
Definitely one to repurchase!



Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My New Hair 2015

This post is a month late but if you hadn't already guessed by today's title I've had a hair cut. Not just a little trim either! 
Rewind to January 2014. I had my hair cut off and it was far longer than it is in the photo above. After tackling knots and tangles I had it cut to a shoulder length layered bob. Although I loved the style and I have to admit my hair benefited from such a drastic cut; I chose to grow it out again. As you do! 

Bringing us back to date, I've found my hair looking a bit on the limp side and I'm back to tieing it up all the time rather than styling it. When I style my hair I do really like it yet when I'm out working (as a Hairdresser and Nail Technician) I feel it looks messy and untidy. So I booked an appointment with a hairdressing friend of mine and she has had the job of restyling my hair........and this is the finished result.........

My stylist done a fantastic job and I'm so happy with it. I should point out I will very rarely wear it this straight and perfect; for the purpose of checking the cut I didn't mind the sleek look. I'm more for messy waves and curls girl! Now the time comes to 'get  the hang of styling it myself' which I'll be sure to update you on.  Oh and I need to organise the colour as I have a few undesirables sneaking in!! 
Be back soon xx 

Friday, 3 July 2015

China Glaze 'Turned Up Turquoise'

This weeks nail polish is a little different to what I'd normally go for. I was feeling adventurous so opted for this fabulous turquoise shade. China Glaze 'Turned Up Turquoise' is a matte finish polish that dries very quickly. I've applied two coats of China Glaze over a base coat to protect my nails from discolouration. The polish itself covers nicely and is a good consistency, not too thick nor too runny. The only downside for me is the brush. It's very thin so I find I have to be so careful when using this polish. 
To add a little extra to this weeks nails, I've used some nail art gems on my index finger. I've used the green coloured gems to compliment the turquoise polish. I think they look rather good :-)
You can also add topcoat if you want, this will give the polish a shiny finish and help it last longer.

Quick & Easy Glitter Nail Art

Back in April I showed you the Essie 'A Cut Above' nail polish (link).
This is a pale pink glitter polish that works really well as a topcoat. Here I've worn it over OPI Funny Bunny, which is the Gel Color UV Polish (hence the little growth I have at the cuticle). I've painted it on the diagonal rather than completely covering the base colour for a change. What do you think?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

BarkBeats Box - June

It's that time of the month again..........Elmo's Barkbeats Box has arrived and we are yet again excited to open it! June's box contained the best squeaky toy to date, as well as 'dog Ice Cream' and a big box of biscuits that would be a sure winner with Elmo. 
So lets get started......

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Festival Style Hair

The Festival Season is in full swing now so I thought I'd do a little 'Festival Inspired' hairstyle. This is quite a simple hairstyle to recreate. I started by curling my hair with my Ghd's to give my hair some body. Now the fun part! Part your hair on one side and start twisting, adding a little hair as you work your way around your head. Once you've reached the alternate side, secure in a hair band. I wrapped a little of my hair around the band to cover it and kept it in place with a kirby grip. For a finishing touch add flowers. Mine are old ones from H&M, but they do the job :-)

Makeup Details will be coming up in another post soon.......

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