Monday, 30 June 2014

The Denman Tangle Tamer Brush

Denman’s D90 Tangle Tamer is a fast and gentle way to detangle little ones hair. With its Super soft, multi-length nylon bristles, it gently glides through childrens hair removing even the toughest of knots! It has an air-cushioned pad (similar to Denman’s cushion brush) that follows the contour of the head for smooth, damage-free grooming. The lightweight design means that even our little ones can brush their hair with no problems - although you may still need to check their hair before you leave the house, you know how children are with ‘brushing’ their hair!!!

Our Denman D90 Tangle Tamer is the blue ‘Dolphin’ design, they have a selection of colours suitable for boys and girls. Our little lady loves her new hair brush and we have managed to brush her hair without any fuss, as this really does slip through the tangles. It’s also been lovely using a softer but bigger brush on her hair, rather than her baby brush. The baby brush did do the job, however I can definitely see the difference with using a Denman D90.

Have you tried the Denman D90 Tangle Tamer on your little ones hair?


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Lips

Some of you may remember my review on the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss; you can read that post HERE if you haven’t seen it. Since writing this I have been wanting to try another of the set and recently picked up Cherry Lips. Today’s review is therefore a short one as I can’t tell you anymore about the Maybelline Baby Lips then I already have. So for those unfamiliar with Maybelline Baby Lips here are the technical details about them. Did you know that during testing*:-

82% had healthier looking lips,
82% said lips felt baby soft,
81% reported their lips felt less dry,
76% said lips looked visibly renewed.

I’m super happy with Cherry Lips, it reminds me a little of the old Cherry Chapstick we use to buy as children. Unlike Peach Kiss, the Cherry Lips leaves a sheer finish rather than shimmery. This leaves a lovely red tint to your lips and leaves them feeling amazingly moisturised at the same time.

Which ‘flavours’ do you own?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

May Empties

Trying new products is always very exciting but what happens to the half used bottles of lotions and potions? They end up forgotten about in the corner of the bathroom cabinet! During the month of May I decided to try to make a conscious effort to use the opened products I have before I move onto anything new. Some of the products listed below will link to the reviews I have already done so do click on them to read more.

In May I used up the following........

*L'Occitaine 'Marvellous Flowers' Shower Gel
*Body Shop Tea Tree Mask (not pictured)
*Salon Systems 'Thai Skin Therapy' Refreshing Cleanser
*L'Oreal Skin Perfection 'Micellar Solution'
*Garnier The Silky Smoother Shampoo and Conditioner
*Simple Refreshing Facial Wash
*Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Gel
*Dove Beauty Cream Bar
*Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance
*Listerine Zero Mouthwash
*Seba Med Kinder Shampoo (from Switzerland)

 It's quite a list and I found it shocking how many half used products I had knocking around; however I'm feeling pretty good to have finally finished these products.

Is an 'empties' post something you like to read about? If so leave me a comment in the box below 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Spectrum Collections Makeup Brushes

After telling you about the Spectrum Collection Brushes pre-launch I finally got around to purchasing some to try out for myself. My order consisted of the Blending Sponge, Angled Foundation brush and the Large Fan brush. Today I’d like to tell you a little about each brush and give you opinion on them, so here goes

These are available in 5 colours, I chose Fuchsia but they also sell yellow, blue, lilac and pink. The Blending Sponge is latex free and perfect for blending liquid, cream or mineral foundations and concealers into the skin. Use the pointy end for areas like the nose and around the eyes; the rounded end is then used for the rest of the face. This is so easy to use, just dampen the sponge, wring out the excess water and start bouncing it on your face to blend your products, it really is that simple! Retailing at £4.99 which I think is very reasonable.

Use this clever brush to blend cream or liquid foundations to your skin. The angle makes it ideal for hard to reach areas, plus it makes it perfect for applying and blending contour products to the face and neck. I found it a little odd using an angled brush to start with however I have quickly adjusted to it and now find it weird using normal foundation brushes! Retailing at £11.99.

If you were ever going to call a brush beautiful this would be it! The Large Fan brush has super soft bristles that are perfect to apply powder, highlighter or blush products. The design of this brush means upon application you will be left with the perfect soft focus finish. Also the slightly crimped hairs ensures they are tightly secured in the ferrule;  the crimping also increases the amount of product that is picked up making it even more perfect. Retailing at £12.99.

Both of the brushes have a very distinctive look with blue/purple ombre hairs which are 100% synthetic. The pale pink gloss handles are infact wooden, which was something I had asked Spectrum Collections about as couldn’t find any written details about the handles. Also the ferrule has a high black gloss finish that really sets them off nicely.

Overall I’m very impressed with the quality of these brushes and would recommend them to anyone in need of some new makeup brushes!

Monday, 16 June 2014


Here is (yes you’ve guessed it) another treat from my You Beauty Advent Calendar. Today’s is the Dr.Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball.

The Dr.Organic Rollerball helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles around the eye area, as well as making them look less tired. The main active ingredients are the following; Probiotic stressed yeast extract (which helps increase cellular oxygen consumption to energise the skin), Betaine (which controls excessive fluid build up), and Rhodiola Rosea (used for reducing fat deposits and boosting cell metabolism). This also contains 20 essential minerals including Aloe Vera Leaf, Vitamin E & C, Spearmint Oil and Kelp Extract to name a few. Dr.Organic Rollerball has a very pleasant fragrance, obviously down to the minerals it contains. I think it smells slightly earthy with a hint of mint. This is also free from Parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives.

Application is very easy. Carefully apply the rollerball to the area around the eye in a light circular movement. Gently dab in any remaining liquid with your fingers tip.

I’ve been using this twice a day for the last two weeks. I found it soaks in nicely and doesn’t leave a film on my skin, nor does it feel tacky. I have noticed some difference in the colour of  my undereye area,  however I feel this needs to be used long term to see any substantial benefits. One thing I should point out is that it does significantly reduce puffiness! After having very little sleep my eyes had looked puffy the next morning, but applying the Dr.Organic Rollerball improved my eye area wonderfully!

Have you tried any Dr.Organic products? Which do you recommend?
RRP £8.99


Friday, 6 June 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Limited Edition - Femfresh Freshness Wipes

Femfresh Intimate Wipes £1.59
"As the new season heats up and the warm weather is in sight, look for newly designed refreshing intimate pocket wipes. Now available in new packaging, Femfresh pH-balanced handy wipes promise to cleanse and care for your most intimate skin - so you can step into spring feeling fresh wherever you are."

Femfresh Freshness Wipes are -
*The perfect handbag size
*Gently cleanses and refreshes
*pH-balanced for specific intimate care
*Helps you feel fresh
*Biodegradable and flushable
*Suitable for everyday use.

These new limited edition designs (in floral white or floral black) will bring a celebration of SS14 to your handbag with a fabulously fresh print. The feminine fresh bright 'white' of the day and the bold confidence of the night - perfectly celebrated with these convenient pocket wipes you will be proud to keep in your clutch. Each pack contains 10 wipes to soothe and refresh when required. 

Femfresh Intimate Wipes are available from Boots, Superdrug, Supermarkets and chemists nationwide

**Gynaecological and dermatologically tested
***PR Sample & information 


Monday, 2 June 2014

China Glaze - Luxe & Lush

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen a picture of me wearing this nail polish by China Glaze. If you missed it then you can click HERE to view said picture.

Now 'Luxe and Lush' is a clear polish containing gorgeous multi-tonal foil in. They remind me of sweet wrappers slightly in the way the colour changes as you move your fingers. On my Instagram picture I had applied 3 thin coats of polish over base coat to give a fuller coverage of foil on my nails. 

For the swatches above you can see 'Luxe and Lush' over a natural nail extension tip (on the left), this has two coats of polish. The centre swatch tip is China Glaze 'Sexy Lady' with two coats of 'Luxe and Lush' which in my opinion looks amazing. Then on the right you'll see Barry M (matte nail paint) in Espresso with you've guessed it, two coats of 'Luxe and Lush' over the top. I love all three looks and will be wearing them for both the Summer and Winter months. This has got to be one of the best glitter/confetti polishes going!

Have your tried China Glaze 'Luxe and Lush'? Or have you got a favourite you like to layer over your nail polish?
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