Friday 31 August 2012

iPhone Bling

OK so this is not my normal type of post, however I feel everyone should know about these.
I've been looking for a new case for my iPhone as my last one broke. To be honest I'd given up trying to find one I liked after many hours searching the internet! 

 This super cute item is from H&M and was a steal at just CHF7.90 (approximately £5) 

Its made from plastic and what I can only describe as a sort of rubber diamante covering. The phone case fits my iPhone 4S perfectly, it simply clips on nice and snug.    

Available in the pale lilac (pictured) or black, which I also bought.....!

Check out your local H&M store for these phone cases and more.


Thursday 30 August 2012

My Favourite....

....From the OPI Germany Collection.

I have recently purchased some of OPI's latest collection; 
The Germany Collection.

After some deliberation I feel this one is my favourite. 
This colour is called 'My Very First Knockwurst' and is what I would describe as a soft rosy nude shade.

My nails are a little longer then I would normally have them at present, but I think the colour is one of those that can be worn on shorter nails too.

'My Very First Knockwurst' is the sort of colour that changes slightly depending on the light you are in. 
For example; my photos are taken in a room with lots of natural  day light, this has made the polish seem a pale nude tone. Whereas I am sitting to write this post in the shade, and now my nail colour looks more of a dusky nude.

Either way its my favourite and I love it :)

I have 6 more from this collection which I'll show you in a later post, so watch this space for more of The Germany Collection.



Tuesday 28 August 2012

Growing baby bump

Back in 2010 we had the exciting news "I was pregnant". 
This lead to some very long chats with my mummy friends. I quizzed them endlessly about products they'd found to prevent stretch marks; after-all they had done 'that' bit already!!
Extra-Firming Body Cream*
One of them recommended this; Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream.

So on a trip back to the UK I grabbed myself a tub from Duty-free and started using it.

This cream contains 8 firming plant extracts that help the elasticity of your skin, as well as nourish and lock in moisture. They include Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Lemon Thyme, Caimito and Bocoa. The cream is very rich and goes on with ease, leaving your skin feeling velvety and smooth.

If like me, during the first few months you can't tolerate anything scented, then No fear! The smell of this Clarins cream is quite mild so you can use it from the word go.

For me this was the perfect body cream. Now I don't know whether it was the cream or just my genes, but I didn't get one stretch mark. I like to think it was the cream that helped and I'm certainly glad I used it.  Perhaps this could be the perfect cream for you too? 

Take care of yourself

*As I knowlonger have this product to photograph, the image used is from Clarins Paris.

Friday 24 August 2012

Get the look

This is one of the looks I created using my 
Bobbi Brown 'Day to Night Shadow Options' Palette (link).

Click to Enlarge
To create this day look I used the top three colours,

  • Ivory on the brow bone
  • Dusty Plum all over the eyelid
  • Eggplant in the outer corners of the eye.

Click to Enlarge
I'll be back with more looks from this palette soon,
Bye for now xx

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Set

Yes, I have another treat for you from Bobbi Brown!

These are "gel" eyeliners, a type that I'm sure some of you may have already tried. I was happy using my "regular" gel liner, but since I'm having a 'Bobbi Brown moment' I thought I'd try these out.
These are alot smoother to use then the other gel eyeliner I have, which makes it much easier to apply. As the brush is thin it also gives you more opportunity to make the eyeliner thicker if desired. 

I have used both of these now and found the Sepia Ink looks nicer with a dark brown mascara rather then black. It's darker then it appears in the jar but looks softer on the eye when applied thinly. The Black Ink is nice for a more dramatic look or for those that prefer black over brown. 
Either way this set is well worth the money and will last a long time! 

RRP from £25

Saturday 18 August 2012

YSL Shocking Mascara

I couldn't resist making a purchase in Luton Airports Duty-Free on my last visit back to the UK!

 I'd been looking on the YSL website at the Singulier mascara in Deep Green. However, after finding it was out of stock (and has been for several months now) I gave up hope of finding a good quality green!

Pictured is the NEW YSL Shocking Mascara, which comes in Jade Black. This is a very dark green shade, maybe you could even say khaki green. With a specially designed brush, that has multi-directional bristles to coat every lash.  

I found the brush a little on the big side to start with. Every time I took the brush out of the bottle it had far too much product on, leaving me with very thick, clumpy lashes. I've since mastered my application with the help of a lash comb. This has separated my lashes and removed the excess product. So now I really enjoy wearing it :-)

YSL Shocking Mascara comes in 6 shades of 'Black' 
(Deep, Bronze, Cherry, Ashy, Sea and Jade)

RRP £23

Wednesday 15 August 2012

CIATE - Nails of the Day

Today I'm wearing one of my favourite nail polish colours....

This is by Ciate and was free with Marie Claire Magazine in July (several colours available), total bargain if you ask me :-)
Anyone who is a fan of pink polish will love this. 
The polish is a multi-tonal shade, which is predominately bright pink but with a slight purple shimmer to it. 

This shade is called Jelly Bean and it completely reminds me of them too!

RRP £9
(13.5ml bottle)

Did anyone else pick up a copy of Marie Claire Magazine with a free polish? 
If so, which shade did you choose?


Sunday 12 August 2012

Baby Brights

When the weather is hot I don't think you can go wrong with these funky vests!

 Whether you're having a day at home, or out in the garden, these vests are a great way to keep little ones cool. 
I would even team them with shorts, jeans or skirts on cooler days, as they are just so lovely.

Baby Brights

Above is a sample of some I found for both girls and boys. 
Makes a nice change from white don't you think?


Friday 10 August 2012

Introducing VIVA by Fergie

Here's another treat from Avon
 This is the third fragrance by to be created by the famous pop star Fergie (The Black-Eyed Peas) and it's called VIVA. 

It's the first time I have ever used a perfume created by a celebratie, I've always been into more of the classic fragrances. So when I was sent a sample to test, I was keen to find out what this was like. 
Image from Avon
50ml Eau De Parfum
I found this perfume a little strong when I first opened it, but I have to say once I put it on the smell is actually very pleasant. It has a slight musky tone and is somehow a very 'light' scent. For me it was one of those that has had to grow on me, and now I'm sold :-)

Also available in 75ml Perfumed Body Spray and 150ml Body lotion.

For more information on the items above please speak to your local Avon Representative or go online


Wednesday 8 August 2012

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Reconstructor Deep Conditioner

Until a recent trip back to the UK I had completely forgotten about these sachets by Aussie.

The 3 Minute Miracle has to be one of the best treatments I'd used on my hair when it was hi-lighted. It worked wonders and made my hair so easy to deal with after washing.

These contain Australian Balm Mint Extract which is ideal for restoring shine, smoothing spilt ends and improving manageability. Plus I discovered the new formula now has Aloe Vera in too. 
Those of you who have used the Aussie range will be familiar with the wonderful fragrance, you can recognise by scent alone when somebody uses Aussie products.
Image from Aussie.
To use; shampoo and rinse hair as normal (preferably in your chosen Aussie Shampoo). Next apply 3 Minute Miracle to your clean, wet hair and leave for upto 3 minutes. Rinse well and style as normal

Available in Boots  
20ml sachets £1.00
250ml bottle £4.99 

or check out

Monday 6 August 2012

Blues & Jazz - NOTD

As mentioned on my last 'Nails' post, I had plans to 'jazz up' my blue nail polish. I was wearing a blue by MissLyn (click here).....

 ...And here it is looking a little different!

I have applied a coat of Cracking Top Coat by Essence
The colour is called 03 Crack Me! Blue

Shatter or Cracking nail polish has been around sometime now and I'm still not bored of the look :-)

Do you like these types of polish?.....if so what's your favourite brand?



Saturday 4 August 2012

Ponytail Boost....

This is one of my favourite ponytail looks. 
Plus it is super easy to do at home!

For this you will need; 
  • 1 section clip
  • A brush for backcombing (I use my Denmen Brush)
  • 2 Kirby Grips (or Bobby pins)
  • A hair band (preferably close to your hair colour)

Simply start by dividing your hair into 2 parts (an upper section and a lower section). Clip the Upper section out of the way. Now put the lower section into your hair band - creating a ponytail. Unclip the upper section and backcomb to give your hair height. Next smooth over the hair so it meets the base of your pony tail. Now use your kirby grips to hold it into place. Spray if required.

And there you are, a super easy way to glam up a regular pony-tail,

Thursday 2 August 2012

MUA 'Undressed' Review

Back in June I told to about the newest eye shadow palette 
by MUA Makeup Academy
This was the 'Undressed' Palette (original post) which is a selection of 12 fabulous shades.

I had ordered this as soon as it was released, but couldn't have it delivered to Zurich. So I had to wait 4 long weeks before I could get back to England and collect it.

Now this is a steal for just £4; its truly wonderful. Great quality eye shadows that have real staying power. And the colours are true to what you can see in my photos. It has a good mix of shimmers and cream shadows, which makes it super easy to create stunning eyes.

Have you tried the MUA Undressed Palette?
If so what do you think of it?

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