Wednesday 29 April 2015

Homemade Fruit Gum Bites


Monday 27 April 2015

Colour 9 - Makeup Revolution 'Day to Night' Palette

It’s that time of the week again where I’ll be showing you another swatch from the Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette. This is forming part of my #MakeupMonday posts that I hope you’re enjoying so far.

Today’s swatch is Colour 9 and as you can see it’s black! This one swatched rather well on the back of my hand so I was interested to see how it would look on the eye. Colour 9 isn’t as shimmery as the other shades. It does have a slight hint of glimmer but is predominantly matte. I did find it was hard to blend out the edges of this colour; I feel like it ended up looking a bit patchy. Over all the colour payoff is good, it’s highly pigmented and didn’t have too much fall out compared to other dark eye shadows I’ve tried in the past.

As before if you’ve missed any of the previous colours simply click on the links below -


Monday 20 April 2015

Colour 8 - Makeup Revolution 'Day to Night' Palette

It’s #MakeupMonday again and this week we’re taking a little look at Colour 8 of the Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette. This colour is an amazing midnight blue shade and it looks great worn alone!  It’s highly pigmented and shimmery….simply amazing! The only thing you need to watch with this shade is it does have a little fall out when you apply it so its best to leave your under eye concealing until you have applied this eyeshadow.

I’ll be back next Monday with more from the Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette. Until then you can see the other colours via the links below -



Friday 17 April 2015

Essence Nail Candies 'Soda Pop & Candy Shop'

This weeks 'Nails Post' comes in the form of this little beaut! 
Essence Nail Candies in Soda Pop & Candy Shop' is a fabulous pale pink which I'm in love with (like all my nail polishes hehe). Essence Nail Candies are a '6 in 1' nail polish that gives stunning results when manicuring your nails. The six benefits of this set of polishes are as follows - Hardening, Protecting, Ridge Filling, Fast Drying, High Gloss Finish and they have a Fruity Fragrance when dry.  I found Soda Pop & Candy Shop needed 3 coats of polish to achieve the look I have in my photos. The polish texture is smooth and creamy so it's very easy to layer the coats up. I must also remember to tell you this particular colour has a very subtle shimmer in which makes my nails look even more glossy. I feel this colour gives the 'my nails but better' look with just one coat. It's perfect for everyday wear if you can't have bright nails for work. 
 Overall I'm very pleased :-) xx

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Fresh Green Juice

Green Trees Juice

This weeks juice is an interesting one. Aptly named Green Trees Juice, due to the new ingredient I’ve added - Broccoli.


Tuesday 14 April 2015

Garnier Fructis Full & Plush // Garnier Fructis Pracht Auff├╝ller

During a recent promotion, Swiss based company CoolBrandz gave a few lucky bloggers the opportunity to test some new Garnier products (which were about to hit the Swiss Market). As I’m currently in Switzerland, the following goodies were kindly sent to me to try out. This latest edition is called ‘Pracht Auffuller’ (‘Full & Plush’). It’s the first haircare range with Fibra-Cylane, Pomegranate and active fruit concentrate that penetrates and plumps the hair, giving a full and voluptuous look. Inside my box from Coolbrandz where the following -

* Krafigendes Shampoo (Fortifying Shampoo)
* Kraftigende Spulung - (Fortifying Conditioner)
*Ends Plumper Serum (Plumping Serum)
*Pflege Finish (Voluptuous Blow-out Finishing Spray)

After using these products exclusively for the past week, I can report some great results! Using the Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner my hair feeling clean, soft and refreshed. The conditioner was a joy to use; non-greasy and yet it detangled my hair like a dream. I’ve said it before but I do shampoo my hair twice, then condition (old hairdressing habit). The shampoo is very concentrated and I really didn’t need much product, even in Zurich where the water is harder than at home. The Plumping Serum is a little different to what I’m used to. The consistency is thicker than I expected although very easy to work with. You simply apply 1 or 2 pumps onto the ends of damp hair. I used 2 pumps as my hair is below my shoulders. Although the serum is thick, it feels creamy and is as pliable as an oily serum if you know what I mean.
Once my hair was dried and styled, I was pleasantly surprised by the Voluptuous Blow-Out Finishing Spray. Part of me expected this to be similar to a dry shampoo or texturising powder, but it’s not! The spray is a super fine ‘Micro-powder’ so you barely notice anything out of the ordinary; yet somehow I found my hair had a fabulous boost in volume. It felt very natural too and also has a medium hold to it. (Swiss/German Link)

Monday 13 April 2015

Colour 7 - Makeup Revolution 'Day to Night' Palette


It’s the turn of Colour 7 from the Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette.
This colour was a bit of a letdown. You would have seen it swatched on my hand in the main review post (LINK). It came out beautifully. Sadly though on the lids it looks patchy. I love the colour its just a shame the pigmentation isn’t coming through on the eyelids, even with primer on. Colour 7 is a graphite grey shade, it’s quite dark so would suit being blended into a smoky eye look. Maybe with eyeliner and a set of false lashes?

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Friday 10 April 2015

Mermaid Braid

I love a good braid and this one reminds me of mermaids. 
They are perfect for dirty hair as they hide a multitude of sins yet your hair looks fabulous! I've had many compliments on my hair looking pretty when in fact I've braided it as I've not had time to wash it!
 This is essentially a dutch braid. Swept over to the side and pulled out slightly to give a 'worn' appearance.
When I get some time I'll film a quick 'how-to' to demonstrate how easy this style is. For now I'll just leave you with some images.


Tuesday 7 April 2015

'Marbled' Nails

First I need to say please excuse my poor dry hands and cuticles. In person they honestly don't look this bad!! But then they do say the camera never lies!?!

Todays nails are a cool marble effect. This is simply done by painting your nails a base colour then dot another colour on the wet base colour. Use an orange wood stick or dotting tool (or kirby grip) to swirl the colours into each other. Hopefully that makes sense?
For this look I've used OPI Nail Lacquer in Skull & Glossbones (now discountinued sadly) as my base shade. The I've swirled in China Glaze Holographic in 'Galactic Gray'. 
Let this dry then finish with topcoat.

If you'd like a video tutorial on how to create this look leave me a comment below.
Be back soon xx

Monday 6 April 2015

Colour 6 - Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette

We’re at the halfway point of my #MakeupMonday series. Today we’re looking at Colour 6 of the Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette. This weeks colour is a little hard to describe, its a light grey base with a mauve tone to it. It’s a very pretty colour and one that works well with the lighter natural shades of this palette; or worn alone. The colour comes up quite subtle but you can build it up as I have here. This looks great with a touch of eyeliner and a couple of coats of mascara.

If you’ve missed the previous colour just click on the links below -

I’ll be back next week with the next colour from this fantastic eyeshadow palette

Wednesday 1 April 2015

'Daddy's Favourite Juice'


This weeks freshly squeezed juice is ‘Daddy’s Juice’ creatively named by Little Miss. This one contains a mix of fresh ingredients which are easy to find in your local farm shop or supermarket.

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