Friday 29 June 2012

**'s the latest craze to hit the UK**

If your after big, bouncy hair that lasts all day then these are for you!

'Sleep-In Rollers' are clever velcro rollers. Instead of being made from hard plastic, these little beauties are sponge. Perfect for sleeping in, as they flatten down when you rest your head on your pillow.

I've had these for about 6 weeks and can safely say I get good results every time. The first night I slept in them I wasn't very comfortable, but the rollers have softened up over time. I had also used kirby grips to hold them in place, and found these needed a little adjustment when I first got into bed (had a few hairs being pulled). 

As a hairdresser, I can achieve the same results with my trusty round brush and hairdryer. So for someone like me the advantage of these would be to save time in the mornings.
However......these are also ideal for people who find it difficult to create volume in their hair. I've recommended velcro rollers to clients over the years - those who need help getting lift and bounce in their hair. If you fall into this category then the 'Sleep-In Rollers' are the key to 'salon-bouncy-hair'. 

Each set contains 20 'Sleep-In Rollers' that come in a handy storage bag to store them in. 
RRP £16.50 (Inc P+P)

Wednesday 27 June 2012

In Switzerland? Read this........

Sorry this post is a little limited to one location, but I just have to share it with you :-)

I found out yesterday (from a friend) that 'Style' Magazine is giving away a FREE Essie Nail Polish with this months issue (Juli/August).
My advice is go out and buy this now before they sell out. 
After all it's not every day to can buy an Essie Nail Polish for a mere CHF5!!!!

The colour is a pretty, summer-aqua-green called 
'Mint Candy Apple'

Hope you like the big bargain post


Avon calling.... to love a little Avon fix every now and again!

Now I have to admit I've been an Avon fan for a long time; although over recent years, not being in the UK full-time, I haven't ordered as much as I normally would.

So when the chance came up to coincide a delivery with my next visit, I just had to put an order in :)

So here are my lovely new Avon products that I've added to my extensive make-up bag.

First up is Avon's True Color Eyeshadow Duo in shade "Midnight Sky". These eye-shadows have a smooth texture that I find blends really well over the eyelid. The colour is deep and true to what you see in the container, and both shades have a very slight shimmer to them. 
True Color Duo £6

Next is Avon's Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation in shade "Shell". I'd been looking into Mineral foundations and found alot of them were super expensive - not that I mind but when its a new product I'm always a little weary! 

As Mineral foundations are powder based I wasn't sure how good the coverage would be, but I was pleasantly surprised with how great this foundation was. You can't feel it on your skin which is always a bonus, plus I had several compliments on how healthy my complexion looked......YAY for Avon :-) 
Smooth Minerals Foundation £10.50

For more information on the items above please speak to your local Avon Representative or go online


Tuesday 26 June 2012

Summer Days

Little something for all the Mums-to-be out there. 
If your having a dilemma over looking stylist during those sunny days (we have had now and again!) here is a light and cool option.

Summer Days


Monday 25 June 2012

All About Bobbi

During his recent business trip to the USA, my husband did some spontaneous cosmetics shopping for me (fortunately he does have good taste!).  

Among the items he brought back were these lipsticks. Now I've never been a big lipstick fan, but I figured I'd give them a go....and what better company to try out than Bobbi Brown

This is  'Lip Color Trio' (£42), and as you can tell from the name it contains three lipsticks. This set consists of nude/natural matte tones. 

Nude 18

These come from Bobbi Brown's original 'Lip Color' formula. They contain vitamins C and E along with Beeswax, which helps lock in moisture and makes them comfortable to wear.

Sandwash Pink 22

My favourite from this set has to be Sandwash Pink for an everyday colour, its nice and natural (and hubby commented on how nice it looks)

Soft Rose 23

I think its safe to say I am now a lip stick convert; BUT only for Bobbi Brown

Friday 22 June 2012

Nail Applique

By Mystique

I've tried many different nail wraps, however these ones by Mystique are some of the best I have used.

These were sent to me around a week ago and I couldn't wait to try them out.
 In a single pack you get 24 nail wraps, which can be used on either the fingers or toes. You can apply them as a french manicure tip or as a full coverage. I also found that 'Nail Applique' were extremely easy to apply, probably because they were slightly thicker than other brands.

Here you'll find a quick 'how-to' that accompanies my video;
  • Clean the nail surface, making sure there are no traces of dirt or oil.
  • Measure your first nail by placing the Applique sheet over your nail bed.
  • Peel off the closest size for your nail, avoiding getting dirt/oil on the underside.
  • Place the Applique as close to your cuticle as possible, without it touching the cuticle.
  • Gently use fore finger to smooth over the surface, working out from the cuticle to free edge. Use a soft cuticle pusher to eliminate any creases (I found it easier to use this instead on my finger)
  • Cut off the excess and place back on the sheet for another time.
  • Using a nail file and working in a downwards motion only, carefully tidy the free-edge.
  • Repeat on all nails or just one finger as a focal point.  

For more information on these fantastic nail wraps and to find out how to order please follow the link below



Thursday 21 June 2012

Rose Exclusif By Bourjois

Oh My Gosh, if you're after a pink lip gloss then this is for you! 
Rose Exclusif works with the natural pH in your lips to give you a bespoke shade of pink thats exclusive to you. 


Wednesday 20 June 2012

Nails of the Day...

Last night I painted my nails is this lovely coral colour so thought I'd share it with you today.

This is part of the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection, 
shade '305 Dating Coral'

With being a busy Mum these polishes are perfect. You only really need one coat on your nails and they dry very quickly, which I feel is a big bonus :-) They are also long lasting, even without topcoat (tut-tut). 

Why not check them out? 

RRP £4.99

To find your nearest stockest please click on the link below;


Tuesday 19 June 2012

Black Jewel Ring

Here is another treat from H&M (Hennes & Mauritz). 

I admit I may have a slight obsession with their jewellery! 

This one is a little different to what I would normally wear. 
I love the slightly goth-feel it has and the way the silver has a 'worn' look to it. Also the stone looks great when the light bounces off its many facets, much better then a smooth stone!
I've worn this with a grey nail polish (OPI Skull & Glossbones) but I'm tempted to try it out with a red or pink to give more contrast.

What do you think?

Be back with more accessories soon xx


Sunday 17 June 2012

Magnetic Nails

By IsaDora.
I've had a winning streak recently!

  For anyone on Twitter you'll be aware some companies do giveaways, all you have to do is 'Re-Tweet' or answer a question - Simple really! 

So I entered IsaDora's #wonderfulwednesday competition and this was my prize....

...NEW 'Magnetic Nails'  in 854 Opposites Attract.

I'm a massive fan of magnetic nail polishes, I have several from a another company, so its nice to see the differences in them. 

For me, I found the shape of the IsaDora bottle easy to hold (as you can see from my video, I hold it between my thumb and forefinger). And the brush was a good size so it covered the nail plate very quickly.

Here's the 'how-to' that goes along side my video (below).
  • Apply base-coat and allow to dry,
  • 'Roll' the polish bottle between your palms to mix - NEVER SHAKE!
  • Paint your first nail and immediately hold your magnet over the wet polish for approximately 10-15seconds,
  • Repeat until all 10 fingers are complete,
  • Finish with top-coat.

I'll be back soon with more IsaDora goodies to tell you about 
Twitter @isadoraglobal

Saturday 16 June 2012

OPI Spiderman Collection

Last month OPI launched a collection of polishes inspired by a popular Marvel Comic character....Spiderman.

Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Your Web or Mine.

There are 7 colours in this limited edition collection. A combination of creme, shimmers and multi-tonal glitter polishes, as well as a 'Shatter'. These are;

  • 'Shatter' The Scales
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Call Me Gwen-Ever 
  • Just Spotted The Lizard
  • Into The Night*
  • Number One Nemesis*
  • Your Web or Mine*
*Pictured Opposite

I'll admit I wasn't overly excited when I first saw them in a preview. But the colour in a bottle can be a little misleading sometimes, and will often look better once on your nails.  

Call Me Gwen-Ever

So, off to my local OPI stockest I went.....

Call Me Gwen-Ever is a lovely orange-coral shade. It's a creme finish so doesn't have any shimmer in, and required just one coat to get that lovely depth to it. This was my favorite from the collection (see opposite), and looks yummy once applied.

'Shatter The Scales' is a dark-ish Green which I'd most likely use for creating specific nail art, unlike my other shatters which I'd happily use every day.

'My Boyfriend Scales Walls' is a white shade which looked a little grey-ish, and to be honest I have whites (and shades of) which look much better.

'Into The Night' needed 3 coats to get any depth to it, and was a lighter shade of an existing OPI blue which I love. Its an interesting colour, but in this shade the blue didn't feel right for me. I felt it was more suited to someone in their teens.

'Your Web or Mine' is what you might call a "candy pink". Unfortunately it showed brush lines (streaky) when applied, possibly due to the pearlescent finish. Had it been more shimmer or creme, I think it would have worked better.

'Number One Nemesis' - is it a green? For a shimmer polish I thought it looked muddy. I put it on and very quickly took it off again!

'Just Spotted The Lizard' is a greeny/gold finish, though the bottle colour can look misleading. Personally I didn't like it, but if you like the gold look then you should give this one a try.

Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Your Web or Mine.

For me much of this collection just didn't hit the spot. Perhaps the range of colours OPI could draw from were limited by this films theme. 

To see the full range of colours check out OPI.COM

Thanks for reading xx

Friday 15 June 2012

Orly Tough Cookie

This is my *new* favourite nail strengthener by Orly. It's called 'Tough Cookie', and it's exactly that!

'Tough Cookie' Nail Strengthener promotes healthy, strong nails whilst improving the smoothness of your nails. The formula contains Okoume (An African tree) which slows the breakdown of Keratin (the stuff nails are made from); this in turn means your nails will grow longer and stronger over just a couple of weeks.

The added bonus is you can also use 'Tough Cookie' as a Base and Topcoat when painting your nails.

So far its working out very well indeed (and trust me I put my nails through hell!). I've only used it a couple of times a week as a strengthener, and I can already see my nails have improved. 

RRP £7.90

If you have used this before I'd love to know what you think of it.

Bye for now xx

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Undressed Palette

By MUA Makeup Academy.

Image from MUA Cosmetics
This is my latest online purchase and I can't wait to try it out!

I've been reading alot about MUA Cosmetics; they've become very popular and from what I can see they have some good products. I'd been wanting to place an order but after hearing the Undressed Palette was due out I waited.

Those of you out there who are Urban Decay fans will have noticed this is a very close match to their Naked Eyeshadow Palette. The colours are very similar and you get a selection of 12 neutral shimmer and matte shades. 
Now the biggest bonus for me is the price! The Urban Decay palette will set you back £36, where as the MUA Palette costs £4, 
'this is not a typo, it does read £4'

Now all I have to do is wait for my order to arrive and then I can have fun playing with this eye shadow palette.

Do you have any Mua products?


Monday 11 June 2012

Souffle Moisturiser

By He-Shi

Those of you who have been following my blog will know I recently wrote a 'Guest Blog' for The Jersey Beauty Company . This was about my all time favourite self-tanning product called 'Express Liquid Tan'. 

Part of this product range is the Souffle Moisturiser, which for me is one of the most important parts of self-tanning. Without well moisturised skin how can you expect to have a fabulous looking tan??

The Souffle Moisturiser has a wonderful strawberry scent to it. I found it was easily absorbed into the skin and didn't leave me feeling greasy! I use this every other day when I'm self-tanning, but it can also be used every day as it provides a low-shine matt finish to the skin.

He-Shi recommends you;
  • Use Souffle Moisturiser all over the body after showering to keep your skin soft and smooth. This will help prolong your tan and prevent flaking and fading.
  • DO NOT USE prior to any of the He-Shi tanning products.
  • Apply on your hands and feet 'after' applying Express Liquid Tan.
  • Use after your first shower as a finishing touch to your tan.
This is a great moisturiser to use along side the Express Liquid Tan, and well worth buying!

RRP £12.50


Friday 8 June 2012

OPI Purple,

Summer is here (nearly) and I am loving this colour by OPI. 

This one is called 'A Grape Fit!' and is part of OPI's Classic Collection. The shade is brighter then I would normally go for but I think it will look nice once I have a bit of colour to my skin. 

I think it also looks great with an accent finger. So rather then applying a shatter polish, I've put a row of purple diamanté on my ring fingernail. This has added a nice bit of sparkle and is not too 'in your face' bling.

Always remember to apply topcoat over your nail polish, which will help prevent chipping. I've also found over the years its a good idea to put an extra layer of top coat when using diamanté - this will help keep them in place  for longer.

Have fun with your nails 
Check out my 'how-to' video here (link)

Thursday 7 June 2012

Sneak Peek......

My latest addition.....

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick

'Moisturizing Colour Lip Balm'

This is one of my recent purchases from the UK.
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