Thursday 26 April 2018

Jessops Bury St Edmunds has a new look

Last week I had an exciting trip to see the new updated look of my local Jessops store. The idea behind the revamp is to encourage us to set our photos free, did you know that we take around 1 trillion pictures every year! Mind boggling isn't and yet how many of those are actually printed? Probably a very small percentage! I for one have spent the last 7 years saying I'm going to print off Miss K's baby photos to create an album.

Jessops still has a vast selection of cameras and accessories however these have taken a slight backseat and the focus is on us being able to set our photos free and enjoy looking at them and showing them off.

In-store you'll find the same friendly faces we have become familiar with in the Bury St Edmunds store, the only difference is now they are fully trained 'Photosmiths'. They are ready to give you one-to-one guidance when creating your works of art. Nothing is too much trouble and if you have any problems with understanding the touchscreen system they are always happy to help. 

The new bright and airy Jessops store has several photo printing stations where you can connect your mobile to, pop in a memory stick,or work straight from your social media account, select the photos you'd like to print and which size then hey presto you've got yourself some printed photos. I love this and had 20 printed whilst in-store. It was super quick, fantastic quality and great value for money. 

Displays show a huge range of items for can have pictures printed onto, be it coasters, blankets, wall art, cushions, makeup bags and so much more. If a scrapbook is your thing they have a massive amount of accessories to buy or if you're looking for the perfect frame for your new prints you can get one in-store too. 

Whilst touring the new look store I was given the opportunity to have a Shuffle Board, this is a great way to displace 13 images without printing them off separately like we are used to. A Shuffle Board can be created for you in around an hour and is one sheet of printing paper with all of your images spaced out acutralty to fit the frame and spacing. No more sticky tape holding seperate photos in place and forever taking it off the wall when one slips. I love my Shuffle Board....its such a clever idea and amazingly priced at £19.99.
I had a wonderful time meeting the staff and getting to know all the new products available in Jessops. Did you also know that they hold photography courses? I didn't but am certainly going to book one and get to grips with my new camera! 

 Thank you so much for a lovely morning x


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