Thursday 31 January 2013

Smokey Eye Tutorial

I'm back with another video tutorial, and this one is my first ever makeup look.

Click on the link below to see the video on my YouTube Channel.

I've also listed the products I used to complete the full look;

 *Clinique Pore Refining Solutions - Instant Perfecting Makeup 
{06 Ivory}

*Catrice Cosmetics Coverstick
{020 Natural Beige}

*Clinique Gentle Light Powder
{02 Glow 2}

*Bobbi Brown - Day to Night Palette

*Maxfactor Kohl Crayon
{090 Natural Glaze}

*Clinique High Impact Mascara 
{11 Brightening Black}

*Bobbi Brown Lip Color
{Soft Rose 23}

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Maybelline SuperStay 14hr Lipstick

I was invited by to test the NEW Maybelline SuperStay 14hour lipstick. 
The test day was called #MyMabellineMonday and over a 14 hour period we had to wear and record how our lipstick performed. I chose "Non-Stop Red - 510"

'Non-Stop Red - 510'
Maybelline's website says...

"WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT, 14HR Lipstick with an ultra-lightweight formula:

• Stays fresh, light, and comfortable

• Super rich color that lasts for 14 hours

• Pigments are enveloped in a long wearing system"

'Non-Stop Red - 510'
First impressions are very good. 
The lipstick is highly pigmented, so on application your lips are saturated in colour - which I love. I also noticed that this has a slight sheen to it, which leaves your lips feeling smooth and moisturised. 
And this particular shade smells like red berries.....delicious!

Here's how it looks on...
As you can see, on the test day I kept my eye makeup natural to balance the red lips. My photos show exactly how bright 'Non-Stop Red' is when worn in daylight.

My one big problem with this lipstick is that it transfers onto everything. It looks great for an hour or so, but much more than that and you'll need to reapply. 

This lipstick seems to have received mixed reviews on the Maybelline website. However I've fallen in love with  the colour and texture of 'Non-Stop Red', so I'll be happy to reapply it when needed :)

Available from February 2013

Monday 28 January 2013

Mother Care 'Loved So Much'

I've noticed recently alot of Mum's* asking about recommendations for baby swings. This got me thinking about the time when we'd selected one back in the Autumn of 2010 (for our soon-to-be bundle of joy).

Now I should point out that when we choose ours we took into consideration two things, 1) it had to be unisex - we didn't know the sex of the baby, and 2) storage of said baby swing.


Wednesday 23 January 2013

Trevor Sorbie Professional

My latest hair love comes in the form of this 
Volumizing Mousse by Trevor Sorbie Professional.

I've been using this mousse for the last couple of weeks (I like to give products a thorough testing). The product information says:

 "Volumising Mousse is fantastic for adding body and root lift. This is a non-sticky volumiser that will leave you with a strong invisible hold that can last all day. Also, due to its shine-enhancing technology it gives a great finish and healthy looking hair."

 As a hairdresser I have used alot of products that claim to add body and volume without leaving a sticky residue, and many of these have failed to impress. 

This however is far from that.......its FAN-TAS-TIC!! 

Here's how I've been using the Trevor Sorbie Volumising Mousse;

*After washing my hair, I let it dry off a bit before applying the mousse - I'd say its normally 50% dry before adding my products.

 *Next I apply the product. You only need about a golf ball size of product, which you simply distribute at the roots of your hair (I then run the left over through my lenghts/ends of the hair).

*Using a round brush, blowdry hair making sure to lift the roots to create volume. 

*Hold the brush in place for a few seconds after you have removed the heat, which allows the hair to cool - thus it holds it shape better. 

*I didn't use hairspray on my hair after finishing, but you can if you want.

I think this is a wonderful product. It only has a very faint scent to it, which I personally think is a bonus. My hair was left looking shiny and soft, and feeling like it was product-free, even though I had mousse in it. My hair held the volume for a couple of days after styling, and may have lasted even longer, but it needed washing.

For more information please check out the link below xx

PR Sample

Monday 21 January 2013


The wedding fairs of 2013 are up and running, and hundreds of brides-to-be are flocking to them to get ideas for their special day 
Etoile understands how important the little details are, which is why you'll find their specially developed nail polishes a 'must' for your wedding day!
Part of the collection.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Tough Cookie

This is my *new* favourite nail strengthener by Orly
It's called 'Tough Cookie', and it's exactly that!

'Tough Cookie' Nail Strengthener promotes healthy, strong nails whilst improving the smoothness of your nails. The formula contains Okoume (An African tree) which slows the breakdown of Keratin (the stuff nails are made from); this in turn means your nails will grow longer and stronger over just a couple of weeks.

The added bonus is you can also use 'Tough Cookie' as a Base and Topcoat when painting your nails.

So far its working out very well indeed (and trust me I put my nails through hell!). I've only used it a couple of times a week as a strengthener, and I can already see my nails have improved :-) 

RRP £7.90

If you have used this before I'd love to know what you think of it.

Bye for now x

a mom blog community!


Friday 11 January 2013

Happy Hair Days

I have been using this on and off since it was given to me for my birthday, so I thought it was high time I wrote about it!

This Intensive Conditioning Mask can be used as your regular conditioner; simply smooth a small amount on your hair after shampooing, leave for a minute and rinse. Or you can use this as a treatment conditioner. Again, after shampooing your hair, apply to the hair and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Personally I use this as a treatment. It works really well and leaves my hair feeling and looking super soft and shiny. What also makes this such a lovely hair product is the fragrance. It has a soft sweet coconut scent (the sweetness being the marshmallow) which stays on your hair.

Say Good-bye to bad hair days and 
Hello to Happy Hair Days! 

**Parabens Free**

Tuesday 8 January 2013

OPI Euro Centrale

I spotted this photo on the OPI Official Facebook page and just HAVE to share it with you!!

This is one of the first images of the new Euro Centrale Collection that is due for release in Spring/Summer 2013. 

As you can tell from the names these are based around four European countries, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.
  The colours are: - Violet/Blue Glitter

Vant to bite my neck? - Dark Grape Purple 

I saw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw - Midnight Blue

OPI...Eurso Euro - Deep Blue

Can't find my Czechbook - Aqua 

Your such a BudaPest - Pastal Purple

My Paprika is hotter then yours - Coral-red

Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! - Warm-toned pink

Hands off my Kielbasa! - Tanned Bronze

My Vampire is Buff - Creamy Nude

A Woman's Prague-ative - Copper Shimmer

OY-Another Polish Joke! - Gold Shimmer

I have my eye on a couple of these and am looking forward to seeing the swatches.
Are there any you like the look of?


Friday 4 January 2013

My 2012 Favourites

Now we are in 2013 I decided I would do a summary of my favourite beauty items from 2012.

First up has to be the Clinique Chubby Stick
This was launched in 2012 so will be new to alot of you. Some love it, others are not so keen. However I think they are great and now have 3 in my makeup bag.

My mascara love from 2012 is the YSL Shocking Mascara 
I wrote about this back in August (see link) The one I have is Jade Black which is a soft khaki green - not a bright green. I have used this near enough every day and definitely plan on trying another of the blacks from this range.

This is the prettiest collection of nail polish I have seen for a very long time!
The OPI New York City Ballet Collection was launched in April 2012 and for me was a 'must have'. I love these polishes and hope OPI will keep at least some of them in their 'Classic Collection' so I can continue to buy them....fingers crossed.
To view both of my NYCB posts click here and here

And last but not least is the best serum of 2012....
L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil.
I had been eyeing this beauty up after reading about it through L'Oreal's Professionel website, so imagine my delight when I won a bottle!! 
In April I finally got around to writing about the Mythic Oil and I still use the same bottle of product now. All you have to do is apply 1-2 pumps of serum on your palm and smooth it over your hair (wet or dry) then style as normal. This leaves you with a super smooth and soft finish. I just love it :)
And there you are, my 2012 favourite beauty items

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