Monday 25 June 2012

All About Bobbi

During his recent business trip to the USA, my husband did some spontaneous cosmetics shopping for me (fortunately he does have good taste!).  

Among the items he brought back were these lipsticks. Now I've never been a big lipstick fan, but I figured I'd give them a go....and what better company to try out than Bobbi Brown

This is  'Lip Color Trio' (£42), and as you can tell from the name it contains three lipsticks. This set consists of nude/natural matte tones. 

Nude 18

These come from Bobbi Brown's original 'Lip Color' formula. They contain vitamins C and E along with Beeswax, which helps lock in moisture and makes them comfortable to wear.

Sandwash Pink 22

My favourite from this set has to be Sandwash Pink for an everyday colour, its nice and natural (and hubby commented on how nice it looks)

Soft Rose 23

I think its safe to say I am now a lip stick convert; BUT only for Bobbi Brown


  1. Oh I just love these colours, very pretty! I notice they are not too glossy either?

    1. Little Miss KME25 June 2012 at 10:20

      Wow that was quick - only posted this morning :-)
      Yes the colours are more of a 'matte' finish, but not drying on your lips. Colours are very wearable.
      Thanks for your comment xx


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