Saturday 16 June 2012

OPI Spiderman Collection

Last month OPI launched a collection of polishes inspired by a popular Marvel Comic character....Spiderman.

Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Your Web or Mine.

There are 7 colours in this limited edition collection. A combination of creme, shimmers and multi-tonal glitter polishes, as well as a 'Shatter'. These are;

  • 'Shatter' The Scales
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Call Me Gwen-Ever 
  • Just Spotted The Lizard
  • Into The Night*
  • Number One Nemesis*
  • Your Web or Mine*
*Pictured Opposite

I'll admit I wasn't overly excited when I first saw them in a preview. But the colour in a bottle can be a little misleading sometimes, and will often look better once on your nails.  

Call Me Gwen-Ever

So, off to my local OPI stockest I went.....

Call Me Gwen-Ever is a lovely orange-coral shade. It's a creme finish so doesn't have any shimmer in, and required just one coat to get that lovely depth to it. This was my favorite from the collection (see opposite), and looks yummy once applied.

'Shatter The Scales' is a dark-ish Green which I'd most likely use for creating specific nail art, unlike my other shatters which I'd happily use every day.

'My Boyfriend Scales Walls' is a white shade which looked a little grey-ish, and to be honest I have whites (and shades of) which look much better.

'Into The Night' needed 3 coats to get any depth to it, and was a lighter shade of an existing OPI blue which I love. Its an interesting colour, but in this shade the blue didn't feel right for me. I felt it was more suited to someone in their teens.

'Your Web or Mine' is what you might call a "candy pink". Unfortunately it showed brush lines (streaky) when applied, possibly due to the pearlescent finish. Had it been more shimmer or creme, I think it would have worked better.

'Number One Nemesis' - is it a green? For a shimmer polish I thought it looked muddy. I put it on and very quickly took it off again!

'Just Spotted The Lizard' is a greeny/gold finish, though the bottle colour can look misleading. Personally I didn't like it, but if you like the gold look then you should give this one a try.

Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Your Web or Mine.

For me much of this collection just didn't hit the spot. Perhaps the range of colours OPI could draw from were limited by this films theme. 

To see the full range of colours check out OPI.COM

Thanks for reading xx


  1. The colours of this collection are beautiful! Great review, your nails look lovely! :) xx

    1. Little Miss KME16 June 2012 at 21:57

      Thank you for your comment, I'm pleased you enjoyed reading it xx


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