Friday 24 April 2015

Essie Nail Polish - A Cut Above - 275

Time and time again people tell me how expensive Switzerland is, yet everytime I go over there I find another discounted item I fall in love with. So far I've come home with a gorgeous leather jacket and my beloved Steve Madden Beegee boots  - both reduced by 50%! And I honestly couldn't buy these in the UK for that price!
This weeks nail polish post is one of my 50% discount swiss purchases - Essie 'A Cut Above'. If you love a glitter polish and pink, this is for you. Essie 'A Cut Above' is a stunning pink glitter polish. It contains large and small glitter flakes so it looks really pretty on natural nails (as I've done on my photos) or over another colour. Admittedly my photos don't show this polish to its full potential however in person its fabulous and glittery. I would advise you use a proper glitter base coat  (like the Essence Peel Off Base) to make this easier to remove as it wasn't the best to take off. The polish does cover well considering it's glitter based. I've applied two thin coats of polish and didn't need to fish out glitter particles to fill in holes, if you know what I mean :)
If you're in Zurich it's worth keeping an eye out for discounted polishes in Zurich HB Apotheke, that's where I bought this one.
Be back soon with more nail polishes xx


  1. On its own I don't like it. But as a top coat, sure.

    1. I'm going to be posting a look soon as this as a topcoat :) x


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