Monday 16 February 2015

Steve Madden 'Beegee' Boots

Today's post is a little different when it comes to its format & layout. I've decided to do an extra post today so I'm working from the 'Blogger' phone app instead of my laptop. Please excuse any typo's ;)

I'd looked at these boots months ago and have to say I was put off by the floppy tongue. Call me crazy but it's things like that can either make or break a purchase! 
Fast forward and I'm spending the half term break in Zurich with my husband and daughter. While he's out at work little miss and I please ourselves. Today we popped out to do some food shopping (I'm so Rock and Roll) and found Ochsner Shoes has a 'pop up' discount store close to our apartment! Everything is half price so naturally we popped in to see what they had to offer. 
Low and behold the Steve Madden Beegee Boots where there! These are a biker style pull on boot. Made of leather with a grippy rubber sole. The Beegee has fabric inserts on the sides which add a nice touch to the boots. To fasten them they have wrap around straps. You can tighten these as much as you want, the tighter you have them the less the floppy tongue falls out. 
As you've probably guessed by now I decided to buy them, after all they had 50% off so only cost me £41 (at the current exchange rate) or 59,90 Swiss francs if your in Switzerland. I can completely put up with floppy tongue issues at that price!

If you're near Altstetten, Zurich then pop along to Ochsner Shoes and check out their stock! 

*Also while I remember, some Steve Madden shoes size up small so if your buying online you may need to go up a size. I wear a EU40 which I believe is a UK 6.5? 



  1. I love these boots- they are so cool. I adore all the straps x
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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