Saturday 21 February 2015

January LUSH Shopping Spree

As I said on my last LUSH post (LINK), we had popped into our local Zurich store and picked up a few bits for ourselves and the little lady. We ended up buying far more than we actually needed however this did mean we came home with a lovely selection (and our bathroom smells amazing!). 
Here are the LUSH bath products we bought - 
* Creamy Candy Bubble Bath Bar

Bath Bombs - 
* Shoot for the Stars
* Think Pink
* Floating Flower (Part of the Valentines Collection)

We also had Space Girl Bath Bomb and Love Locket Bath Bomb (which is part of the Valentines Collection). Both are not pictured as we used them during our stay in Zurich. I'll try to bring you reviews on them in time.

Which are your favourite LUSH products?

Updated 2018 - Some links for the Lush Products featured are no longer found on the website.


  1. Oooooh you have a load of bubble bath fun awaiting you now!!! :-)

  2. love the 'think pink'! gorgeous fruity floral bath bomb that smells like heaven!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy


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