Monday 9 February 2015

Home Decor - Ceiling Lights

I haven’t published many ‘Home Decor’ posts recently but today I have one for you all.
Last March we moved into our new house. We spent hours online and in-store searching for the perfect ceiling lights to go into our townhouse. Having lived abroad for so long, we had no light fittings to use as a ‘make do until we find something nicer’.
All we knew was that if we didn’t find some we liked, on move day we’d just have lightbulbs hanging from our ceilings - Not pretty!!
Our bathrooms, halls and kitchen have recessed LED spotlights, which were fitted by the building company. So we just had to buy some for our living areas, bedrooms and office. The ones we selected compliment the colour schemes we’d opted for in our soft furnishings.
This one for the first floor lounge was bought online from Affordable Lighting. With 40watt Halogen G9 bulbs it creates plenty of light. We did try it with LED bulbs, but they just didn’t seem powerful enough yet to fully fill a room. Perhaps as the technology evolves we can switch to LED G9 bulbs. Affordable Lighting have a very large selection of light fittings available, and it was refreshing to find so many interesting designs that were not the usual “highstreet” bunch. Their website allows you to search by room type, product type, brand, finish, and style. We found so many different designs that we liked, it was actually hard narrowing things down, and we did end up buying more than one light fitting from them (for other rooms in our house).
We saw this one on the NEXT website, and decided to drop in and view it in-store. It hangs down a fair way, and is a little fragile, so you have to be careful not to bump into it once it’s installed. The glass is rather thin and it can easily crack (as one shade did when we installed it!). Each glass shade is held in place by pushing it over clear rubber friction sleeves. Sounds odd, but it works.  Looks lovely once installed, but as I mentioned, a little fragile.
We both love this light. It looks amasing once installed, with beautiful colours and tones, and creates the most fascinating light patterns on the ceiling. Photos just don’t do it any justice. Took some patience to install, as you have to hang each strand individually in the correct place on the main body of the light. I also should mention that it’s a little tricky to clean/dust, but it is definitely worth it.


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