Wednesday 11 February 2015

Review - IsaDora Precisión Mascara

*PR Sample

The truth is, not every beauty product you try as a blogger is one you will fall in love with and rave about. Sadly this mascara didn’t hit the mark for me, but before we get into that lets look at the IsaDora Cosmetics ‘Precision Mascara’ in 10 Deep Black.

This mascara was sent to me a while ago. I’ve been “living with it” (or perhaps I should say persevering with it) for a respectable length of time, testing with different combinations of other cosmetics.
The packaging is very sleek with it’s mix of gloss black tubing and silver lettering. I think this looks very luxurious with the ‘IsaDora’ silver branding embossed on the lid. The mascara tube is slim, which gives you a hint of how small the mascara wand is going to be. Upon opening the mascara you discover the wand is one of those slimline rubbery types, you know the ones with no bristles (I do hope you’re following me hehe!).
The product texture is nice and smooth, and also incredibly black! IsaDora Precision Mascara really does lengthen lashes, as well as the wand grabbing every single lash making your eyes appear wide and bright.

Now as I said at the beginning, this sadly didn’t hit the mark. Perhaps I expect alot from mascara. I’m up early for the school run and don’t normally take my makeup off much before 10pm. This mascara (unlike my previous brand) had left me with very obvious black smudges on my under eye area, and this was before midday. I normally find IsaDora products a real pleasure to use. Unfortunately if this particular one can’t even make it past mid day, then I’m afraid it’s destined for the bin.

Have you tried the IsaDora Precision Mascara?
I’d love to know what you think of it xx

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  1. Oh nooo, the fact that it started smudging so early into your day definitely is a big turn off...


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