Friday 20 June 2014

Clarks - Dance Bee

Every girl loves a new pair of shoes and Little Miss is no different!

These cute little shoes from Clarks are a recent purchase for Little Miss. As all parents know, childrens feet grow so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with the demand for new footwear! We found ourselves rushing off to Clarks on the morning of a little friends birthday party (when we realised the only shoes that fit were wellies and doodles - not something you want to wear with your party dress!!)

Pictured are the Clarks ‘Dance Bee’ shoes in Lipstick Pink. These are leather shoes with stylish silver detailing to the toe area. They’re great for little ones to put on by themselves, as they simply fasten over the top of the foot with a velcro strap. The grip provided by the sole is very good; just enough without making the shoe look bulky. They’re also available in the slimmer fitting sizes; Little Miss is an ‘F’ width so we (Mummy and Daddy) do find it hard to buy shoes that we both agree on, as her feet can be too slim for a lot of styles. 

We are super happy with these adorable yet stylish shoes and so is Little Miss. And lets face it, 3 year olds certainly have their own ideas when it comes to fashion!

Toddler size 7.5F


  1. The silver tips are super pretty :-) I bet she feels like a princess in her new ballet flats!

    1. Yes she does! Slightly annoyed they have just gone into sale though :(


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