Thursday 30 July 2015

ZEO Low Calorie Drink & 'Run Or Dye'

This year Zeo has teamed up with the UK's most colourful 5k charity run 'Run or Dye'

At Run or Dye you become part of the rainbow as you run/walk/dance your way through the course. You will be showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant based powdered dye at every kilometre.....turning you into a technicolor canvas.
Zeo has a new look for Spring/Summer 2015 and is set to dispel popular myths that soft drinks contain high calories and artificial ingredients by introducing a lightly carbonated flavour range. All flavours contain just 30kcals per bottle and comes in at just 2.2g of sugar (putting it ahead of Coconut Water which is 5g and Coke Life at 6.8g) .
To celebrate it's crisp new flavours, Zeo has partnered with Run or Dye as part of its #BrighterSide campaign. Zeo will be refreshing 25,000 participants across the UK at the end of each event. 

As part of the #BrigthSide campaign I was kindly sent three new Zeo flavours to try and I'm super excited to report back how great these are - seriously if you haven't tried or heard of Zeo you need to shop for them asap! 
First up lets look at the packaging. Zeo drinks come in sleek glass bottles with a twist lid. They are clear glass so you can really see how tempting these drinks look. They are very much a 'grown up' soft drink and come in a handy 275ml size. We found this was enough for us to share a bottle when we had lunch. Each 275ml bottle contains just 30kcals so they are a good choice over other 'healthy' 'low calorie' drinks.
The new flavours we had were 'Peach & Grapefruit', 'Zesty Lime' and 'Blood Orange & Citrus'. From these flavours I'd say my favourite was 'Peach & Grapefruit' it has a lovely sweet fruity flavour that I found very refreshing. Mr said his favourite was 'Zesty Lime', this was similar to a cloudy lemonade - just lime instead of lemon. I'm personally not fond of Orange drinks, however Mr reported back 'Blood Orange & Citrus' was again a lovely flavour combination although not his favorite of the three. We also found these drinks had the absolutely perfect amount of fizz. We have found in the past some carbonated drinks to be so fizzy to can't taste the flavour; you know you end up with a fizzy head and that's all you can taste.

For more information and location dates for Run or Dye check out the link HERE . And for more details on the ZEO range of drinks follow the link HERE 

*This post contains press release information. All opinions in this post are my own and have not been clouded by receiving samples!


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