Friday 24 July 2015

Parent Tip #1 - How to preserve the glitter....

Today I have a slightly random post in store.
Little Miss is at the age where is adores Disney Princesses! She has watched the films and we bought her the dress-up clothes for some of them. She has also got several of the dolls which leads me to this reason behind this post. For those of you with 4 year old little girls at home you understand when I say they love anything pretty and sparkly!
Yup sparkly = glitter, which is something we find everywhere!!

The Disney Princess Dolls are easy to find in most supermarkets these days, however they have one major problem with them. They drop glitter! Now the doll has a removable skirt but the body of the dress (you’ll see what I mean in the pictures) is moulding onto the doll. They are very pretty but the glitter falls off as soon as you touch them. So I have found a solution - Every time we get a new Princess in the house, I paint clear nail varnish over the bodice of the dress. This preserves the glitter meaning she looks like new - so long as you ignore the tangled hair that is!

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon x

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