Wednesday 8 July 2015

My New Hair 2015

This post is a month late but if you hadn't already guessed by today's title I've had a hair cut. Not just a little trim either! 
Rewind to January 2014. I had my hair cut off and it was far longer than it is in the photo above. After tackling knots and tangles I had it cut to a shoulder length layered bob. Although I loved the style and I have to admit my hair benefited from such a drastic cut; I chose to grow it out again. As you do! 

Bringing us back to date, I've found my hair looking a bit on the limp side and I'm back to tieing it up all the time rather than styling it. When I style my hair I do really like it yet when I'm out working (as a Hairdresser and Nail Technician) I feel it looks messy and untidy. So I booked an appointment with a hairdressing friend of mine and she has had the job of restyling my hair........and this is the finished result.........

My stylist done a fantastic job and I'm so happy with it. I should point out I will very rarely wear it this straight and perfect; for the purpose of checking the cut I didn't mind the sleek look. I'm more for messy waves and curls girl! Now the time comes to 'get  the hang of styling it myself' which I'll be sure to update you on.  Oh and I need to organise the colour as I have a few undesirables sneaking in!! 
Be back soon xx 


  1. Oooooh, big difference! It looks lovely! Very healthy! And fresh.

  2. Hi! The cut really suits you. This year I went from below the shoulder hair, to long bob and now, a shorter bob. I'm not too keen on the shortness at the neck but it's quite refreshing to have a change :)
    Heidi x


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