Monday 29 June 2015

This is Me!

As I sat at my desk writing up another beauty post for Kiziwoo a strange thought suddenly dawned on me ‘what if we didn’t wear makeup?’ which was quickly followed by ‘why do we spend hours upon hours of our lives applying makeup?’

All my working life I’ve been immersed in the beauty industry, I’m a hairdresser and nail technician. I couldn’t tell you (until recently) the last time I didn’t spend  20 minutes in the morning putting on makeup!
Now I’m not saying I don’t like makeup because I LOVE IT! I really enjoy the whole process of applying my makeup and how it makes me feel. What I’m saying is we see so many ‘perfect’ images in the press and online of what we should look like; we forget that these images originally all had flaws. Sadly these days every image that we see has been photoshopped or tweaked to look ‘perfect’. To help sell the ‘perfect image’. I know through doing my beauty blog there is a pressure to make sure you look flawless. Yet sadly I am also guilty of using editing programmes to make my photos looks their very best, which I means I’m adding to the ‘perfect’ images we see!  

So at the timing of writing this the date is Thursday 25th June and I have been makeup free for 6 days. When I say ‘makeup free’ I have still put mascara on but I’ve not applied an ounce of foundation, concealer, blush, contour……….not a thing!! Before you ask, yes I am still doing the school run, I’ve been to the supermarket, I’m still working as normal. I’ve even been to the farm with 14 family members to celebrate my nieces 2nd birthday! ALL WITHOUT MAKEUP ON!

I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from spots, however they seem to have cleared up a touch. I have noticed the odd pimple but nothing major. When I look in the mirror I still see scarring from old spots, thread veins, freckles, darkness under my eyes, enlarged pores, fine lines….honestly my list can go on and on and on! This is why I have posted these photos, to show my skin in its natural form. No clever photography, no filters and no fancy lighting. This is me, sat in front of my window with a Nikon D5200 and a 18-55mm lens; nothing more nothing less.

You're probably thinking what on earth is the point to this post? 
My point is after going makeup free for nearly a week my skin feels fresh, looks brighter and more radiant; and I’m feeling great about it. Yes, I will put makeup on at some point but for now I’m embracing the natural me. For the first time ever I feel happy in my slightly uneven toned, fine lined 33 year old skin. Even my husband has commented on my skin and said "you really don't need to put all the stuff on your face!" and do you know what I believe he's right (but just don't tell him i said that, I'll never hear the end of it!)

So now I’d like to challenge you all to go makeup free, just for a day or maybe even a week if you can manage it. Enjoy the way your skin feels, marvel in the positive comments you receive and don’t forget to tag me #NakedSkinKiziwoo

Embrace your natural beauty xx


  1. Thanks for the nom hun but I rarely wear makeup, I know bizarre rights? I'm quite happy in my own skin and don't care if others aren't happy with it. My skin isn't even good enough for no makeup lolz.

    Saying that though I wouldn't want to be photographed without makeup, why is that? I'm just odd I guess.


  2. I can go a day without makeup but then I miss it and go back to it. Also I just love how it makes me feel and putting it on is so relaxing :) But I agree that few days without makeup can feel fantastic and let the skin breathe. I do lots of makeup looks on my blog but I never edit my photos to look better, so I'm showing everyone how my real skin looks with makeup on :) x

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