Monday 15 June 2015

Messy Bow Bun

This is the first time I've attempted this style so please be gentle. I have seen so many pictures of this look on Pinterest I decided to have a go. This particular day I  had about half an hour before needing to do the school run so this isn't the neatest 'Bow' in the world - hence the title ;)
I quite like the look and idea behind this style however it didn't last very long in my hair. I found after an hour or so it had started to drop. Possibly because I'd done this quite quickly? Maybe my hair was too clean? Or maybe I should have used a stronger hairspray to hold it in place? Who knows!
Either way it looks very cute. 
Have you tried the 'Bow' if so how did you get on with this style??


1 comment

  1. How cute, I love it! I wish I had more/thicker hair, then I'd definitely give this a try.


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