Wednesday 13 August 2014

Tesco @ Home

I do love a little shopping in the home department of supermarkets. You never know what treats you may find. I picked up a couple of pieces while in Tesco that I thought I’d share with you.

First up is this lovely Prep Bowl. This little bowl has a pretty white and yellow design, perfect for a flash of colour in the home. I picked this size up as it’s ideal for little miss when we bake cakes. It’s heavy enough to not move around too much on the table, and small enough for her little hands to hold on to. It’s dishwasher safe, although I’ve yet to put it in ours as I have been hand washing it instead. Plus it’s a bargain at just £4.

Next is the pastel coloured 3 Piece Set of Utensils. I’ve needed some silicone utensils for some time now. Not that I’m a domestic goddess, but there are times when you just need a silicone spatula! This set comprises a spatula, spoon, and pastry brush which I feel are all kitchen essentials. As I’m sure you realise by now, these have silicone heads, but they also have lovely beechwood handles. Obviously these are not dishwasher friendly and can not be left to soak, but I found them very reasonable at just £8.

So those are my little Tesco @ Home purchases.
Be back soon x


  1. I like the idea of silicone utensils. They're so much easier to clean.

    1. Yes easier to clean and so nice to use, they just glide through cake mix etc


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