Wednesday 17 December 2014

Batiste Care & Vitality - Review

*PR Sample

This is the latest from the growing range of Batiste Dry Shampoos to hit the market.
Care & Vitality is perfect for the winter season, a time when hair needs a little more TLC. This particular one is amazing - and let me tell you why.
First things first. Batiste Care & Vitality is said to be a ‘genius 2 in 1 formula’. It contains Mandarin Oil Extract and Amino Acids which help hair to feel refreshed; as well as fuller, stronger, and healthier looking. It also gives the hair a smoother and shinier finish, which I would say is a first for dry shampoo.
The fragrance is also amazing! Care & Vitality is a floral combination of White Blossom, Lychee Peony, Lily, Amber, and Freesia; plus a touch of Cedarwood and Musk. Yes it’s a long list of flowers, but combine them all and it becomes truly delightful.

Tried & Tested
I found Care & Vitality to be one of the best I’ve used so far. It really does what it says on the can AND there is no trace white residue (not a hint). I loved the way this made my hair feel, it’s the same fresh feeling I get when I first wash and blowdry my hair. As I said earlier the fragrance is heavy on the florals, however this isn’t a strong scent. I was pleasantly surprised at how light and soft the smell was, not at all like I’d expected from the brief. I can safely say I will be buying the Batiste Care & Vitality from now on, and would recommend it as a must have hair product.

£3.99 200ml
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  1. Oh cool, I never heard of this version of Batiste shampoo before your review, thanks! It's great that it doesn't leave a white cast.


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