Wednesday 9 July 2014

Mr KME 'fragrance Collection' 2014

A little while back I told you about my perfume collection {LINK}. With that in mind,  I thought it would be nice to share with you the fragrances Mr KME uses. Again like me he has quite a few so I’ve listed them as I did for mine; I'll then be back at a later date to tell you more about his favourites.

Now lets get started…..

* Tom Ford - Noir edp
*Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver
*Jil Sander - Pure for Men
*Jil Sander - Man
*Jil Sander - Sun Man
*Dior Homme
*Dior Homme Intense
*Jean Paul Gaultier Classic
*Bruno Banani - Dangerous Man
*Bruno Banani - Made for Men
*Bruno Banani - About Men
*Vera Wang - Men

Mr KME wears all of these, selecting a  fragrance to either match his mood, type of clothes, particular event, or time of day. For his everyday fragrance, I know he goes through stages of wearing a particular one for a few weeks, then he’ll swap to something else. My all time favourite from his collection has to be Jil Sander ‘Pure Man’. It’s the fragrance he wore a lot when we first met so it’s always a trip down memory lane when he wears it.

What is your favourite fragrance your man wears? I’d love to know x

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