Saturday 19 July 2014

Review - Weekend Box

We’ve had beauty boxes being sent through the post…..we’ve had perfume boxes delivered to our doors… I give you the ‘Weeknd Box’!

Each ‘Weekend Box’ comes with four colour coded  pouches. These represent the four themes of activities to do with your little ones.

Red - Something to EAT
Yellow - Something to EXPLORE
Blue - Something to MAKE
Green - Something GREEN

The ‘Weekend Box’ contains everything you need to entertain your little one when spending the day at home. The pouches have the items you need for each activity. This could be a secret ingredient for a healthy recipe, a craft kit with all the materials to make something exciting, sensory exploration games, seeds to plant, or making something from recycled materials.

We had great fun with our ‘Weekend Box’. The best part was doing our craft activity and colouring the inside of the box which has pictures on; so really you’re getting more than just 4 pouches worth of activities…..

‘Weekend Box’ is aimed at children aged 4-6 years old, and is just £7.50 - also there is no postage to pay which is a real bonus :-)

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