Friday 25 July 2014

'Boutique' at Sainsburys

‘Boutique’ at Sainsburys launched in September 2013 and I will be the first to put my hands up and say I’ve only just checked out their range! I’m not normally one to use supermarket own brand makeup. Call me a snob but I’ve always prefered to buy my named brands - a bit like buying Heinz baked beans. Anyhow, I’ve heard good things about ‘Boutique’ so I decided to have a little look to see what all the fuss was about.

Now first things first, ‘Boutique’ doesn’t contain a massive range of cosmetics, but it’s still early days so I’m sure more will be added over time. In my local Sainsburys many of the colours were out of stock, which shows people are buying the range. After a rather lengthy selection process I opted for pink……….pink lipgloss and pink nail polish - lets be honest you can’t go wrong with pink!

First up is the Boutique Lipgloss. The one I chose is called ‘Seal of Approval’ which is a nice candy pink. It’s not too sheer, so you can see that you're wearing colour on your lips. I found application to be very easy, the product glided on and the consistency wasn’t  thick or sticky, in fact it was pretty good. I also bought the Boutique Nail Polish in ‘Tickled Pink’, which I would describe as a soft pastel pink. This I found to be a little on the watery side, so it did take three very thin layers to achieve the colour density I was expecting. However, once it was on the pink was lovely, lasted extremely well, and had a high shine finish.

Have you tried any of the ‘Boutique’ range?

Nail Polish 11ml £4 // Lipgloss 6ml £4

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  1. Oooh that gloss looks lovely! Subtle but it still makes a big difference wearing it, I like!


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