Wednesday 16 July 2014

Juice of the Week #2

**Orange Twist**

Yes this juice may appear orange - in fact very orange, but don’t let the name fool you. There are no oranges in this weeks fabulous juice!
Orange Twist is packed with Vitamin C and dietary fibre, plus a good kick of warm ginger; making it the perfect juice to start your day.

To recreate this at home you will need -

3 medium florets of Broccoli
3 Carrots
6 Apples (mine were quite small)
2 inch Root Ginger

As always remember to take care rinsing all of your fruit and vegetables before juicing as well as removing the stems from your apples (these can’t go throw the Sage Juicer).
Then when you are ready pop all of the ingredients into the juicer, making sure it is on the correct speed setting for each food type.
Voila!...your yummy juice is ready to drink - and don’t forget to share some with the other members of your family ;)

Happy Juicing xx

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  1. Looks tasty! Which usually can't be said about healthy juices, hehe.


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