Thursday 9 June 2016

H&M Jersey Dress | Little Miss

I've shopped for clothes from H&M kids range since Kizzy was a baby. They never fail me; always a great price and each season that passes H&M always comes up with something a little different. 

Today's post is featuring Kizzy in her H&M Sleeveless Jersey Dresses. H&M currently has an 'in-store' offer on these great little summer dresses. I had a look to see if this was available online but the offer doesn't seem to be on the website. Basically the offer meant I  ended up paying just £7 for 3 of these jersey dresses; the tag price is £2.99 per dress so a saving of just under £2. 
I find this style of dress perfect for the Summer Holidays, the jersey fabric is nice and light. H&M has a vast range of colours and patterns within this range so they will suit most peoples taste.
'Cheesy Mummy Comment' warning.......they wash up really well, no shrinkage, no fading. They come out of the machine exactly as they go in; just minus the dirt! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked this little post xx

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