Thursday 12 November 2015

OPI 'My Dogsled Is A Hybrid'

OK so I know I said my new nail polish love is Morgan Taylor but who can resist this gorgeous green by OPI?!?
This said was discounted in the wholesalers so I picked it up as I don't have a green colour currently in my collection (I had a clear out during the summer and donated a lot to my local charity shop). Anyhoo, this colour is called 'My Dogsled Is A Hybrid' and is from the Nordic Collection which I believe was last Winter's launch? I might be wrong though so don't quote me! 
The polish itself is a good consistency and requires two coats for the perfect finish. For longevity I'd recommend using topcoat too although for my pictures I've not applied any so I can show you how glossy the colour is.  
I think the colour makes a nice change from the warm reds and browns we see so much of during the cooler months of the year. Would you wear green polish during the winter months?

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