Sunday 15 November 2015

Glamour Magazine & Clinique Freebies | November '15

I'm pretty sure, actually I know for a fact I'm not the only person who picked up duplicate copies of the November issue of Glamour Magazine! This particular issue came with a choice of 4 Clinique products; High Impact Mascara, Dramatically Different Moisturiser, Nude Pop Lipstick or Cherry Pop Lipstick. The issue was available on the 2nd November, I didn't make it to my local news agents until a day or so after but was lucky enough to find they had both colour 'Pop Lipsticks' so naturally I bought both.....and lets face it they only cost £2 each!!! 
Of the two, Nude Pop is my favourite and I'll be buying the full size as soon as I'm close to running out. It's the perfect nude shade with a pink undertone and very slight hint of shimmer. It's the kind of shade best described as 'my lips but better'. This colour is extremely wearable and I've been reaching for it most mornings (then thrown it into my handbag). The application is easy, the creamy colour glides on leaving my lips feeling moisturised as though I'd applied lip balm. Due to the colour being more natural it did wear down quickly and needed retouching frequently.....however I don't care as I love it so much!!!!
Cherry Pop on the other hand is not a colour I would reach for every day. I'd be inclined to wear it out for lunch with my husband or over Christmas when we get together with our families. This bright blue toned red is a creme finish and gives lips an almost opaque flash of colour. Again the application is easy and I found the colour lasted alot longer then Nude Pop. Once the colour had wore down I was left with a red stain on my lips. If you didn't want to reapply you can simply pop a little lip balm on and it freshens the lip colour perfectly.  
Who else bought Glamour this month for the Clinique samples? And if so which did you opt for? x

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