Tuesday 24 November 2015

Collection - Eyeshadow Pencils

My current day-to-day makeup is all about looking as fresh as possible in the least amount of time. I'm not keen on the winter months as far as getting up in the dark is concerned so if I can get a few extra minutes in bed then I'm happy. These Eyeshadow Pencils by Collection (formerly Collection 2000) are right up my street due to being quick and easy to use! 
There is a total of 6 colours in the range, the 2 colours I have are Vanilla Sky and Vintage Blush. The collection is a little on the restricted side for me. The two colours I'm wearing above are the more natural, the others are all dark shades (Gunmetal Glitz, Hot Chocolate, Midnight GlamDenim Diva). I would like to see a taupe shade introduced, something more wearable for everyday rather than for just smoldery makeup.
That aside the eyeshadow pencils are great as a stand alone wash of colour, as a base to build upon with powder eyeshadows or to blend 2 or 3 shades together for a smokey look. The chunky pencils are great for quick application and can be sharpened like a kohl pencil. They are also water resistant so once they have set they are not going to move or crease; tried and tested for 12 hours! 
I found Vanilla Sky (a silvery white shade) to be a little lack luster in the pigmentation department. The colour didn't build very easierly nor did it glide as well as Vintage Blush. It was fine as a inner tear duct colour but I certainly wouldn't attempt to apply it over my entire lid. Vintage Blush (a soft nude pink shade) on the other hand felt creamy to apply and easy to blend into the crease. I also found it wears well under the lower lash line and doesn't move throughout the day which is amazing. And let's not forget the price, these cost just £3.19 each which is amazing value!! 


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