Thursday 19 November 2015

Lazy Girl Nail Art | How To

Today's 'nail' post is a little different to my normal style. This post is called 'Lazy Girl Nail Art' quite simply because all three of the looks featured today are that easy to recreate everyone can achieve them! Each of the images has details of the colours I've used and how I've created them so let's get started......
Base colour - OPI Nail Polish in 'Barre My Soul'
The dot - Barry M Matte Nail Paint in 'Espresso'
Wait until the base colour is dry, then using a dotting tool or kirby grip place one dot per nail in your desired location.
Base colour - Morgan Taylor in 'Sweater Weather'
The stripe - Inglot Nail Polish in '715'
When base colour is dry, apply a stripe from the mid-nail to tip. 
Base colour - OPI Nail Polish in 'Skull & Glossbones'
Blended polishes are OPI Nail Polishes 'My Dogsled is a Hybrid' and 'A Grape Fit!'
Used an old makeup brush to blend the two colours over a dry base colour.

Let me know if you try any of these out and tag #lazygirlnailart on twitter and instagram xx


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  1. That last one looks soooo pretty! And yet doable still. Thanks for sharing.


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