Tuesday 21 February 2017

Pancakes - How do you eat yours?

 The 28th February is Shrove Tuesday so I thought I'd do a little pancake post. We love pancakes in our house as I'm sure many of you do. Our favourite toppings are the simple lemon and sugar or the little ladies go-to topping of Nutella. I normally make little pancakes, approximately 5 inches across so we just pop some toppings straight on them and enjoy. My mum used to make us big pancakes when we all lived at home. She would then roll or fold them with our choice of flavour on top. 
Here is the recipe I use (LINK) and some serving suggestions you might like to try -

• Bacon & Maple Syrup
• Strawberries & Cream
• Ice Cream of your choice
• Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana
• Bacon & Scrambled Eggs
• Rhubarb Compote & Crème Fraîche
• Caramelized Bananas & Brazil Nuts
• Butternut Squash & Stilton
• Apple & Chocolate Chips

Make too many? Did you know you can freeze them and warm them up at a later date. Simply put them between sheets of baking paper in a airtight container and pop into the freezer. To reheat warm the oven, place the frozen pancakes on a baking tray and cover with foil. Heat for approximately 10 minutes and serve.


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