Monday 6 February 2017

KISS 'Bring the Salon Home' Acrylic Nails*

I was kindly sent the Salon Acrylic Nude French Nails to test and review last week and after testing them over the weekend I thought I'd pop back into my blog and let you know how it went.

 The KISS nails sets I received were the Real Short Length which are very close to my natural square-ish shape and length. And the Medium Lenght, which are an oval shape and have a manageable amount of length to them. Both sets of nails contains 28 nails in 14 sizes so you are guaranteed to find ones that fit your nails perfectly. Also inside the packaging you'll find 2g of pink nails glue, a mini nails file and a cuticle stick. The colour is described as Nude French which I would say is fairly accurate.  Looking at the description on the packaging it says they are thinner at the cuticle (which will help make look more natural), the tips (or free edge) is stronger to they will never chip and the softened smile line makes them more appealing to the eye.

For the purpose of the test I used the Medium Lenght. Sizing my nails up was nice and easy, I like to lay the nails out in the order that they will fit onto my natural nails, saves me getting in a muddle! I did find I had to shape my natural nails slightly so the fitted flush but they kit came with a file that made quick work of it. I would say the nail glue was probably the most tricky part of this whole experience! I found the consistency to be very runny which meant I had to be super careful it didn't flood my cuticle area. According the the blurb on the package the glue is a pink gel...I'd have to disagree. It was just running a clear (even with my glasses on lol). Once applied the nails all felt secure and comfortable. 
After a weekend of KISS nails I had lost a couple which was a little annoying however I persevered with them. By the end of the weekend I took them off, I felt too clumsy. I'd say these would be good for wearing on a night out or special occasion, especially if you break your natural nails before the event! Would I say these look natural, I'm not too sure? Maybe it was me feeling self conscious wearing them?  

Would love to hear if you've tried KISS nails or any other brand xx

*Contains Press Samples


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