Friday 3 February 2017

Clearing out the bathroom cabinets | 2017

The beginning of January I had a bit of an early spring clean. We've got a total of 3 bathrooms in our house (family bathroom, shower room & ensuite). All of these have cabinets stacked with products, some of which we use on a daily basis, other products are ones I've stashed away to use but they have been long since forgotten! 

Having a clean out has meant I rediscovered several half used tubes and bottles of product. These include numerous tubes of body lotion, half used shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. More tubes of hand cream then can be found in Boots! As well as lip balms, face masks and last years self tanning products. 
My mission for January, and continuing into February (due to the shear volume of stuff!) has been to use these up or chuck them away if they really are past their best. 
As you can see there really is a whole host of random products. I'm happy to report since putting this post together our bathroom cabinets are looking alot tidier and I'm feeling much happier with them. I hate clutter and it bugs the hell out of me what I've kept this lot for so long!! 

Right onto the next room me thinks :D xx

"A tidy home is a happy home"

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  1. I LOVE cleaning out my stash and tidying up. It just feels SO good to downsize.


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