Tuesday 10 March 2015

Our Walking Closet's Secrets


Q1- Who are you?
I am Myrona from Our Walking Closet's Secrets but people know me better with my online nickname Smugnificent which is also the name of my Youtube channel.

Q2- Where are you from?
I am living in Switzerland for almost 2,5 years now and originally I am from Greece.

Q3- How many languages do you speak?
I speak English and of course Greek but I also understand German and French quite good (much better than I speak them, but since I am taking German lessons I am improving day by day).

Q4- Why did you start blogging?
Beauty was always a favorite topic for me. Although I am working on a completely different field, makeup, skincare and fashion are things that genuinely excite me. We were talking about staring a blog with a friend for long and then one day I woke up and I thought this is it, it is time for the first post! I am blogging for 3,5 years and making videos for a bit less than 2,5 years and I am happy to spend most of my free time doing this.  I am the girl who can go on and on for hours about makeup, nails and hair and will roll her eyes when she sees you take your makeup off with just a wipe.

Q5- What do you blog about?
I mostly blog about all beauty related things, including makeup, nails, hair, skincare and body care. On the side you might find small fashion bits on the blog too.

Q6- Best & Worst purchase?
Oh, this is a tough one even if I could list 10 it would be difficult. I feel like I have to choose a product that I cannot live without and I repurchase again and again so no makeup as I rarely finish up a makeup product. Certainly on the top of my list is the Dragon’s Blood mask by Rodial. I cannot say I have had a lot of bad purchases as I do a lot of research before buying stuff but some of my most disappointing purchases were some YSL eye palettes. Such a mediocre pay-off for this price is a pity for sure. 

Q7- Tea or Coffee
Coffee without doubt. I am a coffee addict and I drink many cups a day. Of course as most Greeks I really enjoy iced coffees even in the winter. I hated tea for my whole life but recently, I started enjoying a cup to relax just before slipping in bed from time to time.

Q8- Sweet or Savory?
Definitely savory. While other people believe chocolate is the answer to everything, I always choose cheese and bacon. I can enjoy a nice red velvet cupcake from time to time though.

Q9- Favourite Quote
Ι cannot say I have a favorite quote that I am using often, but I like a lot a quote by Orson Welles: “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment we are not alone. “

Q10- Random fact about you
Although I am coming from the South and people expect me to love warm weather, I have a very low tolerance to heat. Whenever the temperature is higher than 25-26˚C I really suffer.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me, I love your idea and I love getting to know new bloggers. <3 <3 <3

  2. Yay, what a great interview! Your passion for beauty really shines through :-) And oh man, you really make me want to try that Rodial mask now! I've tried the night cream and I loved it.


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