Friday 6 March 2015

Alessandro Nail Polish

(Alessandro Nagellack)

This weeks ‘Nails of the Day’ comes straight from my Zurich Haul (link). I picked these up from Manor on Bahnhofstrasse and was super pleased to have found they were on offer (reduced to 7chf each). The Alessandro colours I settled on are ‘First Blush’ and ‘Dancing Queen’.
‘First Blush’ is a fabulous colour and perfect for all year round and people who like nude tones. At first this looks like your basic off-white shade, look a little closer and you see a hint of pink; it’s really pretty. On the flip side of that I then have ‘Dancing Queen’ (seen in the pictures as my accent nail). As you can see it is a gorgeous hot pink shade, which is great for Spring/Summer. And lets face it who doesn’t like a hot pink!
Both Alessandro Nail Polishes are a creme finish and are incredibly shiny. I found ‘First Blush’ required 3 thin coats to give an even coverage. It’s slightly watery compared to ‘Dancing Queen’ which was opaque on the first application; second coat it covered perfectly. They also dry quite quickly which was good as I don’t always have time to wait for polish to dry. And they are long lasting - even without top coat {bonus}.



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