Wednesday 25 March 2015



Back in 2013 I bought the IKEA Malm desk to use as my work space. Since moving into our house (we moved in last March) I’ve put the Malm into the office and it’s now a ‘dressing table office desk dumping ground’ - multi-functional would be a better description!
Anyhow, I store my makeup in the draw which is a total mess, and to say I couldn’t find what I was looking for was an understatement. Yes I did had some old Birch boxes as storage and other random boxes but I wasn’t 100% happy with my set up. So after a little research I found out about the MUJI storage system and delved in to place my order.  

Now I know I’m not the only blogger out there to use MUJI but I honestly struggled to find anyone out there saying exactly how many you need to order. So here is my setup and the exact number of boxes I ordered to fit.

These are the medium size baskets retailing at £1.95 each. I use these for lip products, eye and brow pencils, mascaras, single eyeshadows, concealers. As well as other little random things one keeps in the makeup draw.
I opted to buy 7 of these and I could have fitted in an extra one in the back of the draw.

This would be classed as the large and retails for £2.25 each. These work well for storing foundation and bigger eye shadow palettes. I also use one of these for my blush, bronzer and highlighting products. Again I bought 3, however I do have room to fit in one more.

Shipping was very reasonable at £2.95 and my order arrived within 14 days.
I’m over the moon with my makeup storage now and find it much easier to find what I need. Plus it’s super easy to keep everything clean and tidy.
I hope you found this helpful if you’re looking to buy some MUJI baskets xx


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  1. Neat! Looks a lot more organised and it will save you lots of time.


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