Tuesday 2 September 2014

NEXT Dress & Hair accessories

Not sure Mr KME would agree with me, but I do love a little shopping spree for our Little Lady. I just happened to end up near NEXT so naturally popped in to see what was new and ended up coming out with clothes - as you do!

Dresses are a must for Little Miss. She’s a real girly-girl, give her a choice of dress and I can guarantee she’ll opt for the most glitzy or embellished one in her wardrobe - even if it’s just for a walk to feed the ducks!

This fabulous dress is lightweight denim with a peterpan embellished collar. The collar is decorated with bronzed-gold sequins that are slightly matte. It’s a hard one to describe but as you can see from the images it has a slight glint to it, suggesting it isn’t completely matte nor hi-shine. The dress itself is a lovely cut, with capped sleeves and nipped in at the waist, which encourages the dress to puff out a bit. Priced at £18 I thought this was very good value and as with all NEXT clothing, it will last very well.

We have reached the stage with Little Miss where she likes to make the decisions when it comes to hairstyles and accessories each morning. I therefore find myself looking for new clips, bobbles and bands for her hair. I’ve always found that NEXT have a lovely range to choose from.
The hairbands we purchased were very simple in style and were perfect for her head size. These are slim and what I call ‘covered’ so you have no hard teeth on the underside of the band; ideal for younger children as they won’t cause damage to the scalp. I particularly liked these as they had a small bow on. This set of two hairbands were £4.50, so a little expensive but well worth the money.  I also purchased a set of hair clips. This set contains 6 clips with two designs on, costing £3.50 - not bad if you ask me! These I felt went very well with the dress I had also bought from NEXT. Four of the clips are navy blue with gold stars and the other two are covered in gold glitter - the glitter ones I have covered with clear nail polish as they were dropping sparkle by the time we got home.

So that’s another little shopping spree done…...until Little Miss grows more!

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