Monday 1 September 2014

Fairy with a touch of Olay

I can honestly say I never thought I’d see the day I would write about washing up liquid. Yes folks todays review is all about Fairy Washing Up Liquid! Let me just say this before you look for something a little less housewifey on my website - this is no ordinary washing up liquid! This has been combined with Olay skincare!!!!!

I have been using this Fairy Clean and Care ‘Touch of Olay’ for about 4 months, and here’s what I think……

First impressions were very good. I love the smell of this washing up liquid (labeled ‘Rose & Satin’), it smells that good it could be mistaken for a shower gel. The fragrance is very light and has a soft floral scent which is the Rose. Personally I found using it was the same as other Fairy products. It lathered up very well and I also found the bubbles lasted. In true Fairy tradition a little goes a long way.

We have a dishwasher so I don’t have lots to do by hand, and we also have a water softener, both of which make it hard to determine how much affect the Olay will have. My hands did feel soft after washing up, but certainly some of that is down to the water softener.

Maybe if you have very dry skin all year round you would see an improvement? It’s hard to say. Overall I really like Fairy Clean and Care ‘Touch of Olay’, it has been very pleasant to use and I would buy it again.

RRP £1.50



  1. I have a dishwasher too (thank the lord of that) but this does sound like a lovely washing up liquid to have for those rare washing up moments ;-)


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