Monday 24 February 2014

L'Oreal Absolute Make-up Remover

Some of you may remember my last makeup remover review (Link). I really liked the Clinique makeup remover in that blog post, but when I ran out I couldn’t get to a Clinique counter to buy some more.

This bi-phase makeup remover is specially formulated to remove waterproof and long-lasting eye and lip products. The non-greasy formula removes all signs of makeup with ease. Simply shake the bottle to activate the bi-phase liquids and dispense onto a cotton pad. Then hold the cotton pads on the eyelids/lips for a few seconds and voila….makeup removed.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this product. The only downside for me is getting the product out of its bottle. The bottle is an elongated oval shape. Under the flip lid you discover a small hole from which you dispense the remover. I find it very frustrating, as I always end up with product dripping down the bottle! Personally I feel this would have been better in a round bottle so you could tip the product out without wasting any.

Do you have the same problem with it?

£5.49 125ml


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  1. I've tried this one, and I had a different experience and wasn't very impressed at all. This didn't do a great job at removing my eye make-up at all, so I went back to La Roche Posay.


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