Friday 28 February 2014

ELC Crate of cut & play fruit & veg

Today I’d like to show you another of our little ladies new toys.

This is the Early Learning Centre (ELC) Crate of Cut & Play Fruit & Veg.

Not only is this great fun to play with but it’s very educational too; ideal for learning about different fruits and vegetables. Each item is made up of two or more parts, which are held together with velcro. Little Miss loves using the plastic knife to slice the colourful fruit and vegetables in half. She can then stick them back together again using the velcro fastenings. Each piece of fruit or veg is life-like in texture and all are perfectly sized for little hands.

The set aims to encourage children to use their imagination and explore different textures. Plus it helps with your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills when ‘cutting’ the fruit and veg.
We love playing with this set. It’s been lovely for our little lady to learn about fruits and vegetables, and it’s helped with getting her to eat some of the real thing too!

Top marks again ELC, we at KME HQ love your toys :)


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  1. My mom has a set very similar to this one in her class room :-) She's a kinder garten teacher.


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