Friday 22 March 2013

NEXT Hi-Top Trainers

 Its that time again when Little Miss needs some new shoes. I can never believe how quickly her feet grow, it only seems like 5 minutes ago when I was buying her last pair!!

Her old shoes were from NEXT and they fitted perfectly, so I figured I'd start there. 
Now I have found NEXT does a great variety of shoes for toddlers (and older children) that are slim fitting. Little Miss is an 'E' width* so it can be difficult to find shoes that fit her slim feet but I know I will find something I like for her in NEXT.

I was instantly drawn to these Hi-Tops. 
Firstly they are always the correct width for her, giving support to her feet and ankles. Then we have the design! I simply love the graffiti fabric covered in hearts, bumble bees and smily faces. My favourite feature on these Hi-Tops has to be the bright orange soles, liner and rivits. It gives these a hint of colour without looking too plain.

I did also buy a pair of girly shoes for her that I shall share with you soon.
Have you bought your Little One shoes from NEXT? If so what did you think of them??

RRP £14

*According to Clarks sizing guide.


  1. These are so cute! I work at Next on Menswear and whenever I cover a shift on kidswear I literally fall in love with baby clothes!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Really! I love Next clothes and so much fits Little Miss perfectly!
      Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. They look really cool :-D Love the red sole. Like the Louboutin of sneakers.

    1. Haha I hadn't thought of that 'Louboutin of sneakers' x

  3. Thanks for the follow, you can also find me on Bloglovin :) xx


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