Saturday 9 March 2013

Marc Jacob's DOT

Here is one of my Christmas presents my husband bought me. 
He knows what I like in a good perfume and came up trumps with this one by Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs, Dot, Perfume, Spring, Lady bird

At first glance its safe to say the bottle reminded me of ladybirds, however after searching the Marc Jacobs website the bottle is described as 
"Marc's energetic polka dot pattern" 
with of course his signature over-sized bottle cap.

Marc Jacobs, Dot, Perfume, Lady birds

This perfume would suit those of you who like a floral fragrance. It does have a hint of fruity red berries, but the main scent I've noticed is Jasmine and Orange blossom. 

I have tried samples of Lola and Daisy before and can safely say if you like these, you will love Dot!




  1. It's on my wishlist for two weeks now. I really like the scent ! (Well... of course...otherwise it wouldn't be on my wishlist...)

    And I think the packaging is adorable.

  2. I don't love the bottle because it's a bit too girly, but the scent itself sounds intriguing!

    1. hehe....I do love the girly bottles ;-) Worth a smell though x

  3. I love the packaging of the perfume :)

  4. Such a beautiful bottle! Marc Jacob's really does outdo himself every time with his bottles.

    Lindsey. x

    1. Yes it is. Your right his designs are always awesome x


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