Tuesday 1 March 2016

Ruth Crilly 'A Model Recommends' - COLAB Dry Shampoo

If you are a dry shampoo user then the COLAB is a brand you need to try out. I've been an avid fan of dry shampoo for years. It's perfect for sprousing up hair in between washes or giving your hair more texture when its freshly washed. 
After seeing these on Ruth's (A Model Recommends) Youtube channel numerous times I decided to pick up some to try out.

Here's what Ruth says about COLAB -The COLAB dry shampoo has none of that chalky, powdery residue; the formula – Sheer Invisible – is so fine and clever that it leaves no whiteness in the hair at all. No manky residue, no greyness at the roots that makes you look as though you’re going to a halloween party, it just leaves everything feeling clean and refreshed and adds an instant bit of boost if you’re hair is feeling flat or lifeless. It’s the perfect in-between-washes product and because it’s sheer, you can apply it as much as you like. I tend to spray it liberally when I’ve let my hair down from being tightly scraped back into a bun; it just seems to pump everything back up and make it all a bit more “done”.

There are three collections to choose from; Sheer & Invisible, Extreme Volume and Luxe Shine. I opted for the 'Sheer & Invisible' collection in the 50ml travel size can so I could test a selection out. The scents I went for are Tokyo, London and Monaco.  Of these I'd say my favourite is Tokyo, it's absolutely gorgeous. If I could find this scent as a perfume I'd be very happy! Apart from the Luxe Shine, the collections have the same scents to choose from. 
After some rigorous testing on my ombre hair (I'm my natural light brown at the roots and a bleached blonde on the ends) I can confirm the COLAB dry shampoo leaves no trace of white residue...not a hint! It also doesn't build up on the hair or leave the scalp feeling itchy as there is no residue. I for one am very impressed with COLAB and am looking forward to testing out the other collections from them. 
If you haven't tried COLAB why not! 

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