Thursday 28 January 2016

How-To - Make a marble notice board

I'm aware I am fashionably late to the 'cover everything in marble' party however I'm a great believer in "better late than never". So today I wanted to do a little 'how to' after making myself a new background for my blog photos.If you follow me on Instagram you may have notice the new background on these photos! I hit Wilko for supplies and came home armed with 'marble' sticky backed plastic (£3) and a cork pin board (£2). I'm cuffed with the result so here is a little tutorial :)

I've just used an old pin board and what was left of my sticky backed plastic. The board has a wooden edge so wasn't as easy to do but it looks good all the same. 
Step One - lay your board facing up on a work surface. I've done this one of the floor as I found it easier for setting up my camera. The photo background was done on the dining table which saved kneeling on the floor with two chihuahua's getting in the way!! 
Step Two - measure out your sticky backed plastic (SB Plastic). It's not too technical, just make sure you have enough to overlap the edge for a neat finish.

Step Three - starting at one end carefully remove the backing and place the SB Plastic so it over hangs. Start to peel back and unroll...
Step Four - as you unroll the SB Plastic gentle smooth it down for a bubble free finish.

Step Five - cut and fold the edges to complete the board. The back doesn't have to be super neat, know one will see it! 
Excuse Lola the Chihuahua, she just had to get involved!
You will no doubt have to replace the sticky backed plastic in time as every time you put a pin in it will leave a little hole. 

I hope you found this helpful, if you like this sort of post I'll try to bring more to my blog xx



  1. Looks great! Picking up on the whole marble trend and all :-)

    1. Thank you, I'm slightly obsessed with the whole 'marble' trend at the moment!


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